My Dolphins/Patriots Sun Life Stadium Experience - bad Pats fans

I was fortunate to go to the Dolphins/Pats game (as a present to myself for graduating from UF on 12/17/13) with my girlfriend. I have been a Dolphins fan since the early 1970s (yes, I finally graduated from college before I turned 50!) and have seen several Dolphins games. Most of those games have been on the road, but since I moved to Gainesville in 2010, I have been to four games in Miami. They lost the other 3 games, so it was great to see them win, especially under the circumstances and against the dreaded Pats.

The tailgating was fantastic as the parking lots were crazy full with lots of Pats and Phin fans doing their thing. Before the game, the mood of everyone was great and it appeared as though the Pats' fans were going to be classy (which is what I expected) and that was a relief because I knew the section I was sitting in, 420, was going to be packed with Brady jerseys. Plus, I was hoping the karma of the number 420 would have a calming effect on fans and allow us all just to enjoy the game.

Once we got into the stadium and got our beers, dogs, and found our seats, I immediately knew that the hope of the 420 karma was not to be. We were immediately verbally accosted by a handful of Pats' fans telling us to get the fuck outta here. My girlfriend and I laughed and took our seats. We were badly outnumbered in our section and were happy that the majority of the Pats fans that surrounded us were just there to enjoy the game.

Once kickoff happened, the jerkiness of the Pats fans around us increased and didn't let down until they left the stadium. A dude across the aisle from us stared at us and gave us the finger the entire game, often standing up and walking toward us while doing so. If we stood and cheered, he would stand up and give us the double finger. Now, that's not all that bad, but all his buddies applauded him and encouraged him on and a lot of the Pats fans around us laughed.

Though there weren't many bright spots in the first half for us to cheer about, when we scored the TD at the end of the half, my girlfriend and I stood up and cheered. A Pats fan behind me grabbed me by the shoulder and tried to push me down as he said, "Sit the fuck down!" Notice I said tried. I'm not the most muscular of dudes, but I'm 6'1" and weigh about 205 and have really strong legs. I heard him say, "Oh fuck" when he realized he couldn't pull me down and his buddy laughed at him. I decided to not respond at that moment (my military training made me realize that calmer heads prevail and I didn't want to get kicked out). I just continued cheering and acted like nothing happened and my girlfriend laughed as she saw what went down.

A couple of minutes later, the dude who tried to pull me down told my girlfriend she'd be prettier and happier if she was wearing his Patriots jersey. And, his tone wasn't like a drunk sloppy thing, he was actually sober and did not appear to be joking because he was pointing at me when he said it and didn't laugh or smile while or after he said it. I then stood up, turned around and told him that his poor attempt at pushing me down was sad enough, but making rude remarks to the home team when you are winning (the Pats were up) is just bad mojo and he and his buddy apologized, got out of their seats and did not return (I think they were seat hopping).

As they left, the dude across the aisle continued his stare, his fingering, and told me that I was a pussy and couldn't take a joke. His surrounding buddies all laughed and applauded.

The rest of the game was just more of this and even after we beat them I got cursed at and horrible attempts to intimidate me with physical gestures. The sad thing is, I didn't say one bad thing about the Patriots as I only rooted for my team and never made any references to the Patriots at all. I was continually yelled at, told to sit down, and received those goofy physical threats from overweight guys who struggled climbing up to their seats (that was hilarious, seeing all of them huff and puff, they acted like they were climbing a mountain).

Some of the people around us apologized for their behavior, but NONE of them told the rude fans to chill out and even the ones who apologized laughed. Those entitled Patriots fans are just like Yankee fans, but the sad part is they were on the freakin' ROAD. I was being cursed at for cheering in my own stadium.

None of this stopped me or my girlfriend from cheering or standing for a big play, but it did take away some of the joy we experienced and I just hope that none of us Dolphins fans behave this way during games. I am a sportsman and believe that you can have fun but still treat people with respect. I just don't get it. I've read many places how cool the Patriots fans were and my guess about that is that they were in sections where it was either more Dolphins fans or a good balance because no one had a problem with what was going on in our section. They were rude and classless.

We won and it was a great game and for all the yelling we received during and after the game (one guy flipped us off for about 2 minutes straight directly below us while his buddy yelled at us for being "fucking losers") it was a great experience watching our team's resilience to hold onto the victory.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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