A look forward

Kevin does a great job keeping us informed of what is going on this year and next on this site. I actually was bored this morning and started looking at old articles he wrote including this one. It got me to thinking about how well we are not only sitting this season, but for the future seasons to come.

Basically we have 36ish million to spend in free agency. We also have several options to expand that money with cutting some guys if needed. With Jonathon Martin off the books that should also save 1.3 million next year to the cap. We could also cut Vaughn Martin (currently on IR) and save his 2.3 million next year. To me the big question is Patterson (who I believe is a top 10 talent, but has been injured much of his career) at 5.4 million on the cap. For now lets say we keep him. That opens up 40ish million to look at re-signing guys or dipping into the free agency pool.

Before I get too far ahead I also wanted to share this nugget of information. Our punter makes more money on the 2014 cap than our QB!!!!

Here is the list of upcoming free agents we have and what I would project them to sign for if we sign them:

1) Brent Grimes: He is my #1 priority this free agency. I'd give him 3-4 years at roughly $8 million a year.

2) Paul Solai: He is my #2 priority. I'd go 4 years at $7 million a season for him.

3) Chris Clemmons: Think he has earned a shot at coming back. 3-4 years at $4 million a season.

4) Mckinnie/Clabo: I say we re-sign one of these guys at $4 million for a 1-2 year deal.

5) Devlin: Re-signed to league minimum.

6) Nolan Carroll: I bring him back (hopefully as #3 corner) at $3 million a year.

So that would leave us $10 million for rookies and other "acorns" Ireland could find in free agency. I could also see us not bringing back Clabo or Mckinnie if we sign another tackle and would not be against that. Here is who we just let walk:

Incognito (no questions here), John Jerry, Dustin Keller (could easily be back at team friendly deal), Randy Starks (had to pick one, although I'd be ok with him instead of Solai), RJ Stanford and I'm sure some other low end guys on the roster.

Draft: Pickup some OL, DL and take shot at RB, TE and/or Best player available (nice to be able to draft the best guy not a need).

Free agency next season: I'd be all for bringing in guys to challenge, but could realistically only see us adding a starter level player on the OL with what we have to spend.

What I am loving is that not only are we winning now, but seem to have a long-term plan in place. It all starting coming together when Tannehill hit his stride and I see the win over New England as more of a preview of the future than a major upset. Now go win these next two and start making some noise.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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