Another Phintastic Phinvasion is afoot !

Fireland ! Blow it up ! Same old, same old ! I've heard them all,....

But it hasn't stopped me in the past, and it's not stopping me now. People are jumping off this bandwagon faster than they jumped on after our surprising 3-0 start. My view is this, I will not let the actions of players, coaches, GM's, or owners detract from what Joe Robbie & Don Shula built for us the fans. Many of you are not old enough to remember our glory days, but for me that foundation is solid. The Marino years were great yet yielded no championship, yet the fan base swelled with hopes of one day returning to greatness. And to this day we still wait for something other than toasting the loss of the last remaining undefeated team each season. It gets old,....yet that is all we have had for so many years. Now again the team is the laughing stock of the NFL, again the fan base has its faith tested.

I could have easily threw in the towel, walked away from all of this. That would be the easy route. And cheaper to for that matter. But I'm not cut that way. For better or worse I'm stuck with the Dolphins,....and they are stuck with me ! So the decision was simple, a ticket & make the drive. If ever there was a trap game, this is it. And like a child that has done wrong, now is the time to show the love. Sure i'm pissed,....that I wasn't invited to the strip clubs with Richie ( joke),....that they shot themselves in the foot,....again,....and not even on the field. Who hasn't said WTF dozens of times. But now feeling of anger have turned to feelings of excitement. Tampa is a tramp,.....a dirty little tramp. And she wants a Phingasm all her face,....and i'm just the guy to give it to her.

Team hotel,....check.

Stadium flag,....check.

Dolphin gear head to toe (x2,...Sunday & Monday,...and maybe for good measure a 3rd alternative choice),....check, check.

Ticket, tailgating plans, money in pocket,.....check, check, double F'n check !!!

So if you want in look me up. Email, twitter,....hell, send a smoke signal,....its on !!!

If you can't make it,...tell me you want to see the picture, hear the story because I wonder. last thing I want to do is wear out my welcome. My ego is fragile and i often wonder is my shtick played out, are my posts nothing more than same old, same old ?????

I am OHIOFINFAN4LIFE and i support the Miami Dolphins !

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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