( In my best Monty Python voice ), And now for something completely different,...10 days in Miami

Being raised in Ohio I have become very fond of warm Winters, and every year we spend a fair amount of time over on Ft Lauderdale Beach before diving head first into our work assignments. One of my first things I did was to hit up Shula Burger.

 photo IMG_1093_zps7ca6b175.jpg

That place does not disappoint !

A few days later, a Thursday night game on Halloween. This was an extra special night as a friend from Toledo was taking in his 1st game in Florida. Hence, I wanted to make sure he was taken care of and left with memories to last a lifetime.

 photo IMG_0010_zpsdc92fca9.jpg

 photo IMG_0009_zps6fe97699.jpg  photo IMG_0017_zps0d5f1028.jpg

BOO !  photo IMG_0012_zpsff05f98e.jpg

Members of The Bengals Bomb Squad in the house !  photo IMG_0024_zpsc4357f84.jpg

Now with everything that there is to see and do Brad & I got split up for a bit as I had to rock out and he was seeing all the sights. I'll admit it ( and proudly I might add ), I was weaned on KISS.  photo IMG_0027_zps1dc43975.jpg  photo IMG_0032_zps5b215aab.jpg  photo IMG_0029_zps475d997a.jpg  photo IMG_0031_zpsac7b6506.jpgYup,....I wanna Rock 'n Roll all night, and party every day !!!!!!

Now I was telling Brad that we needed to keep an eye out for all the former players that where around as Johnny Offerdahl was going into our Ring of Honor that night. I mentioned that Jim "Crash" Jensen always tailgated right by us. When I dropped that on him his jaw hit the floor,...."really !! he is one of my all time favorites and that would totally make my trip to meet him" he said. This was too easy to make happen, so we hung out chatting for a bit. Since "Crash" was dressed as Batman so he suggested we do a POW,...WHAM type of photo.

 photo IMG_0039_zpscedcb0a8.jpg

Now Brad is a huge Penn State fan,....HUGE ! So I told him watch out for OJ McDuffie as he sits in the section he had tickets too. Sadly when he went by Brad's phone had lost its charge, but he was able to get a short conversation with him. This too was a thrill of a lifetime for him and he thanked me repeatedly for the hot tip. I basically had to tell him enough already, thanks required. But I was pissed at him for not sticking closer to me as I crossed paths with these former Dolphins.

Keith Byars  photo IMG_0036_zpsbfdd0808.jpg Marco Coleman  photo IMG_0037_zps6fa27639.jpg Trace Armstrong  photo IMG_0044_zpsfee3c9ed.jpg

Great night with great company, and a great win too !!!  photo IMG_0041_zps27fc9b30.jpg

Why my Wife decided to have herself painted as a cat on a night we played The Bengals I'll never know,....Oh well.


I didn't sleep well at all the night before ( I never do ), but I was pumped up on Starbucks Doubleshot, adrenaline, & a bit metal in the morning !!!

 photo IMG_0048_zpsf7d86a86.jpg  photo IMG_0057_zps02608b22.jpg  photo IMG_0050_zps2b002369.jpg

On a side note,...if I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times. "Where is Mini Marino ?". Well his lazy ass got benched/retired as I thought he was "played out", and I opted for Bobblehead Don Shula. I had the bright idea to duct tape his bobblehead down as to create a mini Hans device. The tape didn't hold and his head bobbled right off his body at mile 10. While getting my bike together who walks right by,....Johnny O !  photo IMG_0052_zpsd347b709.jpg Then Dick Anderson !  photo IMG_0055_zpsa9788066.jpg

Some of the crazies showing the love !  photo IMG_0064_zpsa6401d75.jpg Soon after it was time to get the gear on,...  photo IMG_0068_zpsc913c99a.jpg Lets take a closer look !  photo IMG_0067_zps379a6696.jpg

Somewhere around mile 65 or so they offered a mini massage,....and obviously the therapist wanted a bit closer to the "action",....  photo IMG_0080_zps564b2886.jpg I didn't care and it felt great !  photo IMG_0081_zpsacd62e4e.jpg After 103.5 miles I signed Brad Keitzman's name. He was good & decent man, and I miss him dearly.  photo IMG_0086_zps02553a8b.jpg

The next morning I met our new CEO Tom Garfinkel.  photo IMG_0091_zps21e7f5e2.jpg "V" is for victory !  photo IMG_0089_zps92b322ef.jpg

I rode hard and while there was group of 4 or 5 the blew off the last few remaining stops as to arrive 1st into the stadium, I was with the 2nd group that blew off the last stop to arrive next. It was mainly made up of 30 riders from a local bike shop. I positioned myself right towards the front, grabbing the wheel of the rider in front of me as blazed the last 10 miles at speeds of 24/26 MPH. That's hauling ass on a bike ! Once there I was some more old friends. Mike Dee  photo IMG_0118_zps3a213f97.jpg  photo IMG_0117_zpsf073d5ee.jpg Zac Thomas  photo IMG_0111_zpsb3caca0f.jpg  photo IMG_0113_zps5b006424.jpg

In the end, is said a picture is worth a thousand words,....  photo IMG_0122_zpse73bdcc3.jpg

Thank you to The Phinsider's that answered the call,....

Don Shula

As of late I've been taking a shine to twitter and it was there I found out the Coach Shula was having dinner at his original steakhouse in Miami lakes on our last night in town. So I quickly made the call and secured my reservation. How ironic that Mad Dog is looking over my shoulder while waiting in line to meet Coach Shula.  photo IMG_0126_zps979a5a96.jpg No words,....  photo IMG_0127_zps9eb7f228.jpg Jimmy Cefalo, Dick Anderson, David Shula, & a living legend,....Don Shula  photo IMG_0132_zps150e3b75.jpg On our way out we bumped into #69 Keith Sims. After standing there a moment waiting for our truck he said, "don't I know you two ?". And with you missing a beat he recalled both times he met my Wife & I, that was pretty cool. Thereafter we chatted for 5 minutes or so,...really nice guy.  photo IMG_0134_zpsa8871100.jpg

One more thing,....GO DOLPHINS !!!  photo IMG_6388.jpg

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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