Keys to beating Tampa Bay

I know this is probably the last thing on everyone's (including the media for sure) mind, but we do have a very important must win game coming up Monday. As a high school football coach I cannot even begin to imagine attempting to focus my team with all the distractions the Dolphins are facing so I will be very interested to see how "professional" we are and if we can get a big win (that will go a HUGE way in securing Philibin/Ireland's future). Lose this one and the season will go down even faster than it seems like it is now.

1) Focus on what is going on between the lines. It will be tough when things go south on the field, but we will see true leadership. I always tell my high school kids what is on the inside will come out when you are squeezed and we will see what we are made of on Monday.

2) Win the turnover battle. We cannot give Tampa a short field and we will need a few turnovers to get our energy level up. Tannehill typically doesn't turn it over much in our wins and does more than he needs to in our losses.

3) Involve Miller early and often in the game. I think he is starting to peak and want to see what he can do with 25 touches in a game. Thomas is running hard and needs 10 or so touches (but none on stretch plays!!!!). I'd love to see us come out and run right at Tampa Bay to prove to everyone this team is made of mentally tough players. (would be extra nice to see Garner and Mckinnie playing well together).

4) Wake and the Dline must bring it. When we get after the QB we are a great defense. When we don't get much of a pass rush we have holes in the secondary (any TE or quick RB will get open). In my opinion I'd like to see Jordan on the field for Wheeler/Elerbe on 3rd and longs (even if he is in coverage).

5) Patterson must play and play well. With 2 great corners we are a totally different defense. Carroll is solid as a 3rd guy, but that is where he should be.

6) Show emotion. When things go bad it is great to stay calm and collected, but when we have big plays I'd like to see this team get to have some fun in what is probably a terrible week for them. This is the venue to take out all the frustrations. I'd love to see Philbin get emotional just a little (I like him be calm and collected, but get fired up on a touchdown or big hit some Monday). Tannehill can stay calm on bad plays, but on great ones get fired up. It's ok to show some emotion every now and then.

7) Be creative on offense with Wallace/Clay. They are guys that seem to be matchup issues if moved around. Get the in several different positions and use them.

8) PLAY ACTION. Now that we have proven to the NFL we can run the ball, use that to help out a young QB and get Wallace over the top.

This game is huge for our franchise. I hate everything that is going on and want to see us stop being the laughing stock of the NFL. Shut everyone up by winning Monday!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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