It's Time for a MAJOR Change...

This is going to be a rant, just to warn everyone in advance.

I think it is time for a major overhaul. I believe the only way to fix the problems in the organization are to start over from scratch. By this, I mean find a new owner, GM, coaches, everything.

Starting with the owner. He has done nothing as of recently. He wanted a new stadium, which would have put fans in the seats, sold tickets, and probably would have won the contest to host a Super Bowl. Instead, he decides not to use his own money, which he has more than enough of, and instead puts in on the tax payers, who already don't fill the stadium. If he cared about the team and wanted to sell tickets, he needs to take it into his own hands and pay for the renovations.

Secondly, the GM. I know Ireland has been better as of recently, but what is going on with the offensive line. We knew from the preseason the line was terrible, yet all he did to fix it was bring in McKinney. McKinney looks fantastic, but what about the rest of the line? They have given up the most sacks in the NFL, and yet they still have faith that they will come together. We need to make a change. The reason people aren't in the seats are because we have no credibility as a football team. We have made the playoffs once in recent years and that's because of a wildcat offense that proved to be a fluke. Since then, nothing has happened. You can look at Ireland's moves this offseason and say what a great job he did, but in reality, he was forced to. If he didn't make any moves, he would have lost his job.

Finally, Philbin needs to go. I'll be the first to say I loved Philbin when he came in. On Hard Knocks, he seemed like the coach we needed. Now, I couldn't think more differently. He is in charge of this team, and hasn't done anything special. At this point, we have nothing to lose. Our franchise is going downhill. It seems like he is too nice of a coach. We need someone to come in and discipline this team. The thing that set me overboard with the entire front office, including Philbin, was the Martin incident. Everyone has heard about this, but my question is why wasn't anything done about it? Why was the media the first ones to know about it and make it a big deal? The Dolphins are being labeled as having possibly the worst locker room in the NFL. With a team that struggles to get wins on a consistent basis, combined with the poor locker room image, why is anyone going to want to play for Miami?

While I am on the topic of cleaning house, I also want to say that I think it's time for a new quarterback. I understand it is only Tannehill's second year in the league, but what has he shown so far this season? He is playing just as well as he did last season, despite Sherman saying he would be the most improved quarterback in the league. Tannehill still has poor decision making and holds the ball way too long. We have nothing to lose right now. Start Matt Moore who has proven he is a smart quarterback and is the best backup quarterback in the league. Let him play some games, and wait for another quarterback.

This could also be put on the offensive coordinator as well. If you guys have been watching the games, you can see how terrible the play calling has been. Even some of the players have spoke up about it. Why would they ever get away from the run when they have 150 yards on the ground in the first half, when they haven't totaled that much in a whole game the entire season? It's ridiculous. Sherman needs to leave. He has always called terrible plays and seems to always call plays that are too short for the situation. I can remember countless times where a play is called on 3rd and 10 that has players way short of the first down.

The only good thing I see in the coaching is the defensive coordinator. The defense looks stellar so far, even with a below average secondary. The Brent Grimes signing was the best thing we have done all year. The defensive play calls have been great, and there is nothing to complain about with the defense.

With all this being said, I don't want anyone on here to think I am a fake fan. I love the Dolphins and have so my entire life. I am 19 years old, so I have never been able to see the Dolphins be successful. It is frustrating, as all of you know, to see the team you are so passionate about continually disappoint year after year. All I want is the best for this team, and I think the best thing to do right now is to clean house. If nothing changes, our franchise will be looked down upon. There will be no respect for us, and especially after the Jonathan Martin incident, no one will want to play in Miami. The only way to reestablish the franchise is to start over. Keep the pieces that contribute, and get rid of everyone else. What do we have to lose right now? It doesn't seem like we are going anywhere fast.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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