About that time of year again...

About that time of Year

I think its time to start talking 2014 draft. In this post ill go over each position and see where we should draft, if we should draft, at that position. First things first, here is a list of our draft picks of this year:

· First Round

· Second Round

· Third Round

· Fourth Round

· Fifth Round

· Sixth Round

· Seventh Round

But wait! We traded for Bryant McKinnie for a late round draft pick. So since he’s starting for us, and not doing too bad, lets take away the 5th round pick. So here is our draft picks as of after the trade:

· First Round

· Second Round

· Third Round

· Fourth Round

· Sixth Round

· Seventh Round

So, lets go over the various postions and see if we have to draft the position.


Ok, this is a no brainer. We have Tannehill as our hopeful quarterback of the future, Matty Moore as or backup, and Devlin as our project. Looks pretty good to me, but as the season will wear on, I believe Devlin will want to showcase what he got. So, he might go off to a QB needy team such as the Browns, Jags, or Jets (Haha). Then again seeing Philbin praise Devlin over and over again, I see him going nowhere.



Oh yay! Decisions!!! Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Thigpen, Mike Gillislee. What we thought would strike fear into the opposing DC minds is only causing headaches for us. Miller and Thomas, the supposed to be 1-2 punch has been less than satisfactory this season. Yet, even they both are averaging to combine for a 1000 yard season, it is looking like neither is going to hit the 800 yard mark this season (cough) SHERMAN (cough). Then again I believe the problem isn’t the running backs this season. Also, with the addition of Mike Gillislee this past offseason, I see nothing happening to this group.



Ok. So we spent a little bit of money on our WR corps this season… And it looks…. Small. We have yet to have a big target for our offense. We had Dustin Keller, but with his knee detaching from his leg this per-season, we lost it. So our "big targets" are now who? Charles Clay? Egnew? Sims? We know we aren’t running the ball. So here is the first part of the drafting process.

Draft: 2nd Round pick

Brandon Coleman






The dude is 6-5 220lbs and can catch the ball. Some are projecting him as a 1st - 2nd round pick and could possibly drop into the third. I think Miami should snag him in the second. He did have knee surgery, and needs polishing of his route running, but after the contract expires of Gibson were going to need someone who can go over the middle with Clay/Keller/Sims/Egnew. – If you wanna see him in action

Tight End/Full Back

So we had a solid group, Keller, Clay, Sims, Egnew. Key word is HAD. But I will give credit where credit is due. Clay has been a pleasant surprise, and Keller is a man for taking that hit. As for Sims and Egnew, weather it is the play calling or the fact they don’t execute, I do not see either on Sundays. Scratch that, on the safety play in Tampa Egnew whiffed on his block. And, well it’s the first and probably only time I will scream his name. We need someone like clay who can be at various positions and still be a threat.

Draft: 3rd round pick

Colt Lyerla






I know this guy well as I played him in high school. He hits really, really hard. He is a little bit of a cancer, so character problems might be an issue. Yet it means late round draft pick. So if Philbin can get rid of the scandal with bullying, Colt can be a great addition as he has a whole lot of talent. – Ahh, Oregon jerseys.

Offensive line

Oh boy, let’s take a look here. We need LT, LG, RT… Upgrade at RG… An actual backup at Center. And other backups at the other four positions. Ugh the luxury of being a Dolphin Fan. Ok, so I am sure Jonathan Martin will not come back, and if he does he will be a backup. Richie is gone. Clabo looks like moving dirt. John Jerry and Pouncey looks like the only starting lineman I see staying for next year. Now we have Garner, Thomas, Yeatman, Bryant McKinnie and Brenner. Ok, pick and choose, pick and choose. Garner can be a Guard. The left one. And Bryant McKinnie can possibly hold the fort one more year hopefully. The left side. So that leaves us what, the RT and future LT… say hello to our first round pick and sixth round pick.


Cameron Erving


Florida State




Austin Wentworth


Fresno State




Erving has been on the D-Line till a couple years ago but is now the sole protector of the oh so great Jameis Winston. This group in the front office likes players with little expierence in the position they are in and drafting them in the first round ( Tannehill, Pouncey [as a center], Dion Jordan). But they have done a good job implementing them into the NFL ( besides Jordan, I have no clue what is going on with Jordan). Austin has been blocking for Derek Carr, a potential top two round pick. He is also known for his hook-n-lateral play. A pure thing of beauty. I do not pick of these two for who they blocked for in college. If that were the case I would say Jon Martin should come back. But he shouldn’t , cause he just isn’t that good and I think these two, or at least Erving, should come on top. – Erving – Wentworth

Quick Recap

· First Round - Cameron Erving

· Second Round - Brandon Coleman

· Third Round - Colt Lyerla

· Fourth Round

· Sixth Round - Austin Wentworth

· Seventh Round

So we are possibly going all offense this year. With maybe a guard or two in FA. We stil have a fourth and seventh rounder in this draft. And it looks like they’re going on defense.

Defensive Line

Dion Jordan and Oliver Vernon look to be our future on the edge. Cam Wake is a beast. The only part I see as an issue is the interior line. With us possibly only signing Soliai and having Odrick as the other DT, who is to be the third to replace Starks? AJ Francis? Shelby Kicking it inside for pass rush and run stopping? Or add someone in FA? Maybe just draft this guy…

Dominique EasleyInjured






Now, he is a little under weight, and has had an ACL tear, but with Solali and Odrick taking most of the hits, Easley can contribute on thirds and when one of the other two go down. With his recent injury ( the ACL happened in 2010) im sure he will drop into our hands in the fourth. – HL of him against Tennessee


With the addition of Ellerbe, Wheeler, the signing of Misi, and the drafting of Jenkins, I see nothing happening in the draft. Maybe someone like Marquis Flowers as a UDA( If he comes out this year), someone who was once a safety in 2011 but is now a pass rush specialist OLB, can disrupt opposing QBs and OCs with his semi covering skills. Him, Jordan, Wake, and Vernon all have the same ability to get after the QB and can drop back in coverage. Hopefully instead of allowing the most sacks in a year we can switch it to most sacks against opposing QBs in a year.

Draft: NONE

Defensive Secondary:

Isaiah Lewis


Michigan State




Look, I like Clemons, I really do. But seeing as our front office gave Jones the contract and not Clemons, it looks like he may be out after this year. Have Jimmy Wilson back there with Jones and we can see how two playmakers look like while in the same defensive backfield. With Lewis taking over the FS/SS/CB backup.

Special Teams

Brandon Fields, John Denney… nuff said

Sturgis will come around

Draft: NONE


· First Round - Cameron Erving OT

· Second Round - Brandon Coleman WR

· Third Round - Colt Lyerla TE

· Fourth Round - Dominique Easley DT

· Sixth Round - Austin Wentworth OT

· Seventh Round - Isaiah Lewis FS/SS/CB?

Looking back on this, thinking I should start over and not go offense heavy in this draft. Then I look at what this could bring us. A semi sturdy line ( better than this year), a WR/TE corps that can beat even the best of defensive minds, and the ability to destroy the Jests and Patsies Oline for days and I think… Only if I could be Jeff Ireland for three days… I would probably cause him to lose his job.

Thanks for reading everyone. Leave comments and thoughts for me so next time I won’t be such a disappointment!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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