Keys to the JETS

Tough loss again for our beloved Fins. Seems like we are close, but not enough to win tight games in the NFL. Already looking forward to another "must win" for Miami. Last week was frustrating, but not the worst senario (losing an AFC game, especially and AFC East game is the worst). We probably need to go 4-1 over the last 5 weeks to get in (beat NYJ x 2, Buff and Pitt). Very dueable, though not so probable with this group. Here are my keys to the game for this week.

1: Got to stop the running game of the Jets. Make Geno beat us with his arm. He is Cam Newton light and struggles with intermediate game. We will not score over 20 on the Jets, so we must keep them in check. I see a 17-14 game one way or the other and limitting them in the run game will be crucial.

2: Wallace deep again. I'll take Tannehill at 2-4 on passes over 50 yards to Wallace. Keep chunking it deep. Wallace has 150 yards and a TD and I think we win.

3: Tannehill outside the pocket. On the deep throws to Wallace for a TD (and the one he over threw) Tannehill was on the move. He seems to make good decisions on the run, just seems reluctant to run the ball and break the pocket. He has good chemistry with all the guys outside the pocket. I think we need him to run for 40 yards or so along with him being on point in the passing game to win Sunday.

4: Catch interceptions. Great Job by Carroll on one play and good job on the other (the drop on 3rd and 10 would have sealed the game for us). Smith will throw at least 3-4 balls up for grabs and we must come down with those. Not knock them away, but INT's this game. On the same note we must also tackle Smith in the backfield on sack attempts.

5: Special teams must play much better. The Jets are known for making us look dumb in the special teams game and we have looked pretty awful these past weeks. We need to just play even in this part of the game, although I am not very optimistic.

6: Roll the dice Philbin. I hope he realized if we don't make the playoffs I see his chances of returning as head coach at 50/50. If we make it he is 99% assured. If I knew that I'd be going for TD's, and not field goals. I loved the Carolina coach going for it in the 3rd quarter and on his own 20 yard line. He may have lost, but he would know he gave his team a shot to make plays and not that they were never given the opportunity. If it is 4th and whatever (under 3 yards) early in the game, I'd love to see us go for it early. Play to win the game, not hope the other team blow it or your defense can stand tall on the last drive.

7: Save some plays for the 2nd half Sherman. I honestly think we use every new wrinkle we put in for the week early in the game and it is like we do nothing but replay everything during the 2nd half (as the other team has made adjustments). I'd like to see us run something spice (trick play, or new formation) in the 2nd half of the game. Ryan will be all over our bread and butter (Hartline and Clay at the sticks) have something ready for him.

8: The most important and scary one for me. Beat press coverage with blitzes. Get ready to see it. New England and other teams that played us in man were able to make us look bad. Our WR need to get ready to win 1 on 1 on the outside and Tannehill must make smart quick decisions. They will bring it all game is my guess.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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