Dolphins Rookie Report Card: Week 11

Dallas Thomas suited up! And played! - Joel Auerbach

Each week, we'll grade the performance of each 2013 Miami Dolphins draft pick and comment on their development. Here's the latest round of grades following Miami's 20-16 win over the San Diego Chargers.

DE Dion Jordan (1st Round Pick, 3rd overall). Grade: B

Twenty-two snaps is better than nine, but Jordan's continued strictly-situational usage remains a concern. Somewhat encouraging is the fact that Miami is now using him to mark tight ends, a handy tool to have if he shows the ability cover some of the league's better receiving targets.

Sunday, Jordan recorded a tackle and two quarterback hurries, one of which forced Philip Rivers to step up in so far into the pocket he was two yards past the line of scrimmage when he finally threw it.

Season GPA: 2.45 Team Rank: 2nd

CB Jamar Taylor (2nd Round Pick, 54th overall). Grade: D

The second rounder didn't get on the field for defense against the Chargers, continuing his disappointing lack of playing time. He did record a tackle in kickoff coverage. So, there's something.

Season GPA: 1.50 Team Rank: 7th

OL Dallas Thomas (3rd Round Pick, 77th overall). Grade: C

Thomas was active! Thomas played a snap! It's a miracle!


The third round tackle broke his 10-game healthy scratch streak when he stepped on the field as an eligible sixth lineman on Daniel Thomas' second quarter touchdown run. He did not play another down.

Dallas Thomas: one play, one touchdown. I think the Dolphins found the game-changing player they've been missing.

Season GPA: 2.00 Team Rank: 3rd

CB Will Davis (3rd Round Pick, 93rd overall). Grade: I (Incomplete)

Davis, on the other hand, still can't touch the field. Or even a game jersey, for that matter.

Season GPA: N/A Team Rank: N/A

LB Jelani Jenkins (4th Round Pick, 104th overall). Grade: C-

Aside from his normal special teams role, Jenkins' only contribution was a single coverage snap in the first quarter. His responsibility on that play was stopping San Diego running back Danny Woodhead on a swing pass, but he fell down attempting to make the tackle. It was a good effort, though.

Season GPA: 1.70 Team Rank: 6th

Dion Sims (4th Round Pick, 106th overall). Grade: C-

Sims played just eight snaps, signalling that he may not be a huge part of the Dolphins' offensive plans heading into the stretch of the season. He was not targeted and as usual, was asked to block for most of his time on the field.

Season GPA: 1.94 Team Rank: 4th

RB Mike Gillislee (5th Round Pick, 164th overall). Grade: I (Incomplete)

Still nothing.

Season GPA: N/A Team Rank: N/A

K Caleb Sturgis (5th Round Pick, 166th overall). Grade: A

Sturgis did his job. Made both of his field goals and 60-percent of his kickoffs went for touchbacks.

Season GPA: 3.34 Team Rank: 1st

DB Don Jones (7th Round Pick, 250th overall). Grade: D

Jones somehow convinced the Dolphins to let him back on the field to be a punt team gunner, then on his first opportunity he over-pursued the returner, helping turn what should have been a non-return into a 21-yard runback for the Chargers. He didn't make it back on the field.

Season GPA: 1.87 Team Rank: 5th

All player data is courtesy of Pro Football Focus and all contract info is courtesy of

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