CT1361's Rant: This Offense Sucks Addition!!

I've been holding this rant for a while now. After last night's performance and a little digging this morning, I couldn't hold back anymore. So here it goes:

Miami's Offense Can't Get Out Of Their Own Way In The 1Q Of Games!!

Here is a breakdown of the 1Q drives in the last 5 games (Bal, Buf, NE, Cin, TB):

17 - Total First Quarter Drives

12 - Punts

9 - Drives Of 3 Plays Or Less

79 - Total Plays Run (Not Including Punts)

215 - Total Yards Gained (2.72 Yds / Play)
1 - TD (40 Yds Gained On Drive)
1 - FG (10 Yds Gained On Drive)
1 - Missed FG (9 Yds Gained On Drive)

1 - Drive Gaining 50+ Yds
2 - INT (1 Pick 6 / 1 Redzone)

What makes this even worse is that for the Bills Game and Bucs Game, Miami had extra time to prepare (bye week prior to the Bills and 10 days prior to the Bucs game because of a Thursday game the prior week). In those two games with extra preparation, Miami had:

6 - Total Drives
4 - Total Punts
2 - INT's
4 - Drives of 3 plays or less
0 - Points

These facts alone should be worthy of firing the offensive staff. How can your scripted plays, 5 weeks in a row, be this bad?

As a former offensive coach, our staff always took pride in starting the game strong. Basically, you prepare all week for the 1Q of games. After the 1Q, it's all about adjustments. And if you are failing in the 1Q, then your preparation is wrong or not effective.

So, IMO, this offensive staff is failing to prepare the team correctly during the week. I don't know how to look at those numbers any other way. This is all on Philbin and Sherman. We need to stop just blaming Sherman. Philbin deserves the lion's share because he is the HC.

Miami's Offense Sucks Right Now And Has Since Philbin Was Named HC!!

Joe Philbin has been the HC of the Miami Dolphins for 25 Games. You know how many times Miami has scored 28+ points over those 25 Games? The answer is 1. Let that sink in for a couple of seconds.

To put that into perspective the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Blaine Gabbert / Chad Henne Jacksonville Jaguars, the completely devoid of offensive talent Jacksonville Jaguars, in the same amount of games (25) has 2.

This year ('13), there are 3 teams averaging over 28 points per game. Last year ('12), there were 3 teams averaging over 28 points per game.

Miami is currently ranked 30th in yds / game at 303.9. The only two teams ranked below Miami are the 1-8 Buccaneers and, you guessed it, the 1-8 Jaguars. (Statistically, the 3 worst offenses in the NFL are all from Florida). Miami is actually averaging less yards / game this year than last year (311.5 yds / game) even after spending over $100 Million on FA contracts for pass catchers (Wallace, Hartline, Gibson) this offseason.

Miami's OL Is Bad. But So Are A Lot Of OL's!!

So the problem HAS to be the OL then, right? Not necessarily. Miami's OL hasn't been good. But that can be said about a lot of teams, including very good teams. Indy has given up 11 more hits on their QB than Miami. Seattle, 1 less hit on their QB than Miami. So it's possible to be a good offense, to have an offense that gets their QB hit, and still have a winning record. BTW, the Jets have gotten their QB Sacked / Hit 4 less times than the Dolphins and they are 5-4.

Miami's WR's Are YAC-Less!!

The entire purpose of the West Coast Offense (WCO) is to get the ball to the WR's quickly and let them run with it afterwards. That's the point of any quick passing game. Miami as an offense ranks 30th in Yards After Catch (YAC) with 864 on the year. They are 31st in the league with an average of 4.28 YAC / Reception. The putrid YAC total is the result of Miami's WR's not creating separation and Tannehill not throwing the ball on time.

Miami's best YAC players:

Charles Clay, tied for 67th in the league with 171 yds.

Mike Wallace, 69th in the league with 169 yds.

Brandon Gibson, 97th in the league with 133 yds.

Brian Hartline, 101st in the league with 127 yds.

Brian Hartline, Miami's starting #2 WR, has less YAC than Gibson with 13 more receptions, 27 more targets, and 275 more snaps. Does this show his lack of ability to get open and create separation? I think so. That's your $7M / Year Man right there!!

I am so tired of watching Miami SUCK on offense. This team is simply unprepared on offense under Philbin / Sherman. What they are doing is simply unacceptable. It doesn't help that the OL is a sieve, but other good teams have produced with equally bad OL's. No, this is the fault of Philbin / Sherman / Tannehill. None of these 3 people are performing at a level consistent with NFL Standards.

After 25 Games, there are no longer valid excuses for this ineptitude. There just aren't. This only gets better when those 3 are gone. You may think Tannehill is safe, I don't. When a new coach is brought into Miami, that new coach will want his own QB. That's the way of the NFL.

I'll see everyone at the game on Sunday. Go Phins!! Maybe they will get their heads out of their ass on offense against the Chargers. It would be nice to see for a change. I'm not betting on it though.

PS: Here is the new joy in my life that puts everything into perspective. Meet Maeby Alexandra, my new granddaughter!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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