Roll Call: Bengals vs Dolphins Live Threads

The Miami Dolphins came away with the win over the Cincinnati Bengals tonight, winning in overtime on a Cameron Wake sack of Andy Dalton for a safety. Throughout the game, we had our live threads up and running, letting everyone discuss the action as it happened. Now, we take a look back at the 2,000+ comments posted, broken down by all 84 different people to make a comment.

Congratulations to MidasKing for being the most prolific commentor of the night, with 131 posted comments during the game. HuskerDolphin came out of nowhere to post the most rec'd comment of the night, although it may be disqualified based on the lack of faith it shows for the team. (I'll forgive it if you will let a messenger pigeon finally get through - wow, that's an old joke.)


On to the actual roll call:

Roll Call Info
Total comments 2,084
Total commenters 84
Commenter list 1-THE H3ATLES-6, 1977 Blazer fan, 72vintage, 808BostonSportsFan, Agumen, Aye_MyMan_Scoob, Berkeley_Raven, Braddicus, Cam Cried While Watching Jumanji, DaFins#1, DaytonaJim00, Dolfankenny, DolphDallas, Filthy Kallahan, Fin Fan Forever, FinsLife, Fintastic47, Fuhbawl, Hpndaman, HuskerDolphin, IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones, J4fins, JRoth, JerseyFinFan, Jtpdolphins2009, KIH004, Kdog92, Kevin Nogle, Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace, Mark_J, MassFinFan65, Miamimaniac, MidasKing, Nacikoral, Nete88, Palladium561, Paranoid Phin Phan, PhinFan305, Playbook, PoCKeT AceS, PotM, Redwood_, Ritty77, SilentShwan, SirChuckB, SonofCoul, The Earl, TheFloridianDebater, Wild Rebel, YoungCue, bbickley, bpk228480, cbdolphin, cinmat3128, cnog4, ct1361, daytonadolfan, demise14, dolfan52, dolfinfan34, dolphan63, ecschraler, esco6781, ezcrew, foogawzi, hbkDolphins, jawmo, kage*1984, mikey2380, orange_dolphins, pHiN_gAtOr, palewook, phinnyhenne28, pls phins pls, qu3nch, sanchezbuttfumble, scrappy the wildcat, steiner530, texphinphan, the new Bradfather, urbino, wild zion beaver, wolfpack1, zeusmith
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 MidasKing 131
2 The Earl 116
3 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones 115
4 Filthy Kallahan 98
5 KIH004 84
6 1977 Blazer fan 83
7 PhinFan305 74
8 cbdolphin 69
9 scrappy the wildcat 68
10 1-THE H3ATLES-6 68
11 zeusmith 62
12 Jtpdolphins2009 51
13 the new Bradfather 51
14 pls phins pls 49
15 Playbook 46
16 steiner530 44
17 Dolfankenny 42
18 Fin Fan Forever 42
19 JRoth 40
20 Miamimaniac 39
21 SilentShwan 36
22 Redwood_ 34
23 wild zion beaver 34
24 cinmat3128 33
25 Ritty77 33
26 Wild Rebel 33
27 TheFloridianDebater 31
28 hbkDolphins 30
29 urbino 30
30 wolfpack1 29
31 dolfan52 27
32 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace 25
33 bbickley 23
34 Fuhbawl 23
35 Mark_J 22
36 pHiN_gAtOr 20
37 texphinphan 19
38 Agumen 14
39 Cam Cried While Watching Jumanji 13
40 qu3nch 13
41 FinsLife 11
42 demise14 11
43 HuskerDolphin 11
44 Kdog92 10
45 dolfinfan34 10
46 ct1361 9
47 Paranoid Phin Phan 9
48 DolphDallas 8
49 jawmo 7
50 ecschraler 7
51 Nete88 6
52 mikey2380 6
53 daytonadolfan 6
54 Palladium561 6
55 PotM 5
56 ezcrew 5
57 Hpndaman 5
58 MassFinFan65 5
59 DaytonaJim00 4
60 PoCKeT AceS 4
61 Aye_MyMan_Scoob 3
62 foogawzi 3
63 JerseyFinFan 3
64 esco6781 3
65 Braddicus 3
66 orange_dolphins 3
67 Kevin Nogle 3
68 sanchezbuttfumble 2
69 SirChuckB 2
70 kage*1984 2
71 Berkeley_Raven 2
72 J4fins 2
73 Nacikoral 2
74 DaFins#1 2
75 phinnyhenne28 1
76 SonofCoul 1
77 palewook 1
78 808BostonSportsFan 1
79 dolphan63 1
80 cnog4 1
81 YoungCue 1
82 72vintage 1
83 bpk228480 1
84 Fintastic47 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
6 HuskerDolphin 2013: A picture is worth a thousand words. Our Miami Dolphins.........
3 Ritty77 I offer a complete and utter retraction of my "no soul" comment. It was just that I love them so...
2 KIH004 If I'm Stephen Ross, I'm demanding a meeting with Roger Gooddell
2 zeusmith And Wake said
2 Fuhbawl sherman go away firever please
2 Jtpdolphins2009 omg a PI against the other team!!!!
2 Dolfankenny Resign those dbs
2 KIH004 Cameron Wake is GASSED
1 JRoth If ever we could use a Thigpen return for a TD, it would be now.
1 Dolfankenny Dion Jordan's
1 SilentShwan here's for 10 for 19
1 1-THE H3ATLES-6 Please fire Sherman please!!
1 KIH004 Second week in a row we make a QB look bad for most of the game
1 bbickley Let's GO-GO with the tempo!
1 TheFloridianDebater I see a Yeatman
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones I understand that they can't call it every play
1 Jtpdolphins2009 Bengals were given this game, just like the Pats last week
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones FAKE SPIKE WOOOOOOOOO
1 scrappy the wildcat We got a CALL?????
1 DolphDallas Miami D 12 Mike Sherman 10
1 SilentShwan Dolphins have 11 days to get better now.
1 Fuhbawl I am rock hard
1 The Earl I hate blaming refs because that's kind of a cop out
1 1977 Blazer fan Right?
1 KIH004 OMG Geno Atkins torn ACL
1 daytonadolfan My nephew called the safety before it happened, ... i love that kid !
1 Paranoid Phin Phan Just wish Miller would've ran left
1 MidasKing MAn i CAlled that safety i asked for it on all 3 plays and they came through that's why you punt...
1 Mark_J Fortunately that was so blatant they HAD to call it
1 dolfan52 we are still in it thoe
1 PhinFan305 yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
1 dolfinfan34 classic miami makes my heart hurt
1 MidasKing I CALLED IT !!!!!
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Enormous victory
1 palewook whodey
1 Playbook We finally get a call
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones HE DOES EXIST
1 Miamimaniac They used it on Hartline
1 the new Bradfather the natural consequence of a tired defense
1 MidasKing Best accusitions Ireland has made Wake & Patterson where do they find these guys...
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass fire mike sherman
1 KIH004 The best way to score off turnovers is for our DBs to run the ball all the way back
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Second half will tell the story again tonight
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Ghfhgfjhvyjrjhfhtfjhfjhvjhfjyftyfvjhjyguyjhvjygjyg
1 Mark_J When did Miami get a running game?
1 KIH004 Love those commercials - especially the "You're trapped in a snow globe" one
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Patterson has had in INT in every game he has played in, yes?
1 Agumen That was the best drive I've seen all year.
1 TheFloridianDebater Phins need to skip the shower
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Thanks for calling those timeouts Cincy
1 KIH004 Good - maybe seeing one go through the uprights gets him comfortable
1 KIH004 C'mon Sturgis
1 cbdolphin WE DO WHAT WE WANT
1 zeusmith Irrespective of this game
1 The Earl Even then, I'd have to wait and think about it for a while
1 urbino [no title]
1 Filthy Kallahan Based off his performance last year it was the right move
1 Miamimaniac OK! Here's the plan... We know we can run so we're going to fool those guys and pass the ball.
1 IMadeThisNameAfterWeDraftedReshadJones Free Garner!
1 cbdolphin I hope Geno is ok.....dude is a beast
1 cbdolphin Nate Garner is the solution
1 PoCKeT AceS For Halloween I hope our Dolphins dressed up/play as the 1972 Dolphins.
1 pls phins pls Why is this GO = pass, GO GO = run
1 Lord Ellerbe Wheeler-Wallace He swore that he loved Snickers! He lied! Fire Ireland!
1 ct1361 It's the difference between a manageable down and distance and an unmanageable down and distance.
1 ct1361 Did Dalton with quick pressure up the middle just make a play? Did he take a sack?
1 Playbook Shocking. Play action and bootleg on the same drive...
1 ct1361 Your right. I admit there are OL issues. You refuse to admit that Tannehill is also an issue.
1 Cam Cried While Watching Jumanji Obvious hold isn't obvious?
1 ct1361 I know this is going to make me popular (even more so than I am already)
1 ct1361 Do something. An NFL QB doesn't take a sack there.
1 Agumen Watching the fins this year is like that episode of the wire

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