Miami Team Rankings thru 5 weeks vs 2012

Five games down, eleven more to go. First, we have to survive a bye week following back to back loses. Miami goes into their bye week with a 3-2 record, 6th best in the conference. Their division games are fast approaching. Through 5 games last season, Miami sat at a 2-3 record and in the progress of what would be a 3 game win streak. However, things went downhill from there. This year Miami hopped out to a quick 3-0 start, but things haven't been as nice the past 2 weeks. Once again, since I did Tannehill last week, this week we look at the team rankings with some comparisons to last year.



The passing game took a big drop in week 4 but bounced back up to the top 15 in week 5. However, the run game which had steadily be going up since a lackluster debut took a big drop back down to 28th. Only 4 teams have fewer total yards than Miami's offense right now.

Total Yards: 316.6 yds/G vs 287 yds/G in 2012 (+29.6)

Passing Yards: 247 yds/G vs 237.2 yds/G in 2012 (+9.8)

Rushing Yards: 69.6 yds/G vs 136.2 yds/G in 2012 (-66.6)


Miami's points scored and 3rd down percentage had seen steady increases through the first three weeks, but have lost all that ground through the last two. As we all know, the sacks just keep on coming.

Points Scored: 22.8 pts/G vs 20.6 pts/G in 2012 (+2.2)

Sacks Allowed: 24 vs 10 in 2012 (+14)

3rd Down: 40% vs 38.2% in 2012 (+1.8%)

Redzone Success: 69.8% vs 53% in 2012 (+16.8%)


Interceptions and QB rating dropped drastically following a poor showing in week 4, while completion percentage took a big drop in week 5 after several weeks of increase.

Interceptions Thrown: 5 vs 6 in 2012 (-1)

QB Percentage: 62.6% vs 57.8% in 2012 (+4.8)



The amount of yards allowed by the defense has gotten worse week after week, with the exception of one increase in week 4 by the rush defense.

Total Yards Allowed: 393 yds/G vs 343.2 yds/G in 2012 (+49.8 yds/G allowed)

Passing Yards Allowed: 287.6 yds/G vs 281.8 yds/G in 2012 (+5.8 yds/G allowed)

Rushing Yards Allowed: 105.4 yds/G vs 61.4 yds/G in 2012 (+44 yds/G allowed)


After a top 5 start in week 1, all three categories have dropped each week to the middle of the pack.

Points Allowed: 23.4 pts/G vs 20.6 pts/G in 2012 (+2.8 pts/G allowed)

Sacks: 13 vs 15 in 2012 (-2)

3rd Down: 36% vs 24.6% in 2012 (+11.4%)

Redzone: 56.2% vs 37.2% (+19)


Same as above, top 5 start for each followed by a constant fall.

Interceptions: 6 vs 7 in 2012 (-1)

Completion Percentage: 60% vs 56.4% in 2012 (+3.6%)

Philbin's Focus:


After a poor showing in week 4, the TO differential jumps back into the positive following the first turnover free game of the season (in a loss).

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below. What jumps out at you the most.

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