Team Mad Dog is in 3rd place, and I desperately need that Phinsider lead out train !

Well it all comes down to this. That moment when I go all Jerry Lewis ala the MDA telethon begging & pleading for any donation no matter how small. Just $1, more if you can, but just a buck.

Why do I persist so ? The same reason Howard Stern sells calendars for an animal shelter, or the reason Danny Thomas started St Jude's Children Hospital,...they care. Is this charity any more deserving than another ? I don't know. But what I do know is that cancer has taken my Uncle and the Miami Dolphins are my favorite football team. The funds don't go to where I'm from or to where my Uncle received treatment, they stay right here and go to The University of Miami's cancer center. I'm cool with that, and so are almost 2,500 other riders. Most of which are on teams.

This year I was honored to be drafted onto Team Mad Dog and we are getting blown away by some corporate heavy hitters with monster teams. So when the E-mail came out yesterday asking for help, I have only one other place I can turn.

I'm looking at you !

 photo IMG_1098_zps9af730d2.jpg

My mind is a scary place when I wonder if I failed after already raising just under $3,000 and that currently I could only motivate a handful of Phinsider's to contribute. I'm ever so grateful to those that have helped me, I truly am. However,...this is where the rubber meets the road. A road that over 200 hours of training was ridden in a few different places. During those hours a scary mind can wander from time to to time. I think about riding up mountains ( not easy for a heavy guy ), or taking a giant Dolphins flag to the HOF. Maybe get a seat to a road game behind there goal post and where my DCC jersey. All to help raise awareness and now,...donations.

Now I'm here in Ft Lauderdale after having been off my bike for over two weeks with a cracked rim. Knowing more training was needed I headed out on Thursday looking for 50 miles,...I ended with 78. Hooking up with a local of 30 yrs experience of riding & racing will get the juices flowing. We rode together for the first 25 then I pressed on. Yesterday I was tired but got on the bike just before sunset for a 20 mile ride in windy conditions. Where is going up a mountain is hard, so is riding into strong head winds. The legs sting and all you can do is sit there & take it. Today,...I'm up early for another ride. But this one is DCC sponsored and they are hoping for there biggest turn out yet. And I'm hoping some local speedsters show up and turn this into a bit of a hammer fest. Why ? Because I saw this sign on Thursday and it pissed me off !!!

 photo IMG_1086_zps3edb6566.jpg

I will ride the 170 mile challenge, and I will ride it as strong as I can.

 photo 1385935_619679304721176_764917699_n_zps3d0ce22c.png

But I NEED a Phinsider lead out train !

 photo 21263_471832496172525_1034652404_n.jpg

Please help me if you can.


Thank you, and....cheers !

 photo IMG_1093_zps7ca6b175.jpg Respectfully, OFF4L

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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