In my best Monty Python voice,..."And now something completely different"

The web is great , but real life is so much better and there is no place like home.

Joe said it best yesterday, " The Dolphins are a lifestyle". But pulling up to his home, I had no idea what I was in for. Sitting here now,....I'm still blown away and wish I had more time to go back for a second look.

I've known for some time I wanted to stop by "Daytona's" place and this year it worked out perfectly. The invite came a few years back and he said that his whole house is a Dolphins man cave. Call me crazy, but one of the things I love the most anymore is meeting new people, hearing their story, and seeing what their interpretation of "The Dolphins lifestyle".

So, we left Ohio for a short stay in Nashville before making the 11 hour drive to Daytona Beach. I was a bit bummed at first because one of our first calls he said that he was looking forward to Mini Marino making a stop at his bar. The problem is,....I left him at home. I thought his shtick was all played out and I benched his ass not long after we got to California ( but if the Fins keep tanking, he may have to be brought back out for some comic relief,....ugh). I could only do one thing to try to make it up,....bust out the stadium flag !

 photo IMG_9315_zps986bbdb2.jpg

 photo IMG_9316_zps35e3c3fc.jpg

I had no idea what I was in for but when I spotted a Dolphins mailbox and a Dolphins flag on both sides of the door I knew it was going to be good. From top to bottom, front to back, almost every inch of his place is covered in something Dolphins,....almost. Family pictures are everywhere scattered amongst all this Dolphins glory. The there is the collection of elephants in one corner, something that is inspired by his Mother. In the other corner, a collection of antique glass. We are in Daytona and Dale Earnhardt was around and so was a large collection of movies. However, in the end it is pure Dolphins overstimulation !

Here an apology should be given. I took these pictures upon arrival, then hung out chatting and looking around and when we where about to leave I buzzed around in 2 minutes snapping what I could.

There is so much more to this story than my non-typing self care to manage, so let my do what I can for speeds sake.

Front left wall,...

 photo IMG_9318_zpsc64ddd2b.jpg

Front right corner,...  photo IMG_9319_zpsd667c3e1.jpg A Dolphins rug centers 4 recliners that all have Dolphins blankets or towels over them.  photo IMG_9323_zpsefb257b5.jpg

I could have easily spent more time there just looking around, but I'm kinda chatty and and wanted to get to know Joe. I asked about his job, his family, about this & that while sharing bits & pieces of our own story. It was too cool to hear him talk about the time he and his Father went fishing one time on some near by lake. His Dad has always fished saltwater and upon taking his Dad for the first time to a fresh water a extremely large gator approached the boat straight away. His Dad wanted no part of fishing those waters and made his take them back in without delay. Joe told that story with a chuckle as was most of of conversation. Let me give you another example. At some point early in our visit I asked with all this stuff everywhere, is there anything new here ? Almost begrudgingly he admitted so as he went to the kitchen and showed me a pair of plastic tumblers as he mumbled " they only cost my a dollar". So later on he asked if we wanted anything to drink, and I replied yes as I was certainly playing the part of the weary traveler sincerely. Now imagine my surprise went he delivered my sweet tea in this. OFF4L approved !

 photo IMG_9326_zps1b4e592c.jpg

There is so much to look at, like this Marino NASCAR model.  photo IMG_9331_zps8252417f.jpg

My friends The Phin Addicts and their Fighting Phin adorned his walls too.  photo IMG_9327_zpsa844cb90.jpg photo IMG_9329_zps21bf0442.jpg

Behind Joe & Tanya stands joe's mini bar,....  photo IMG_9332_zps10242af3.jpg

I can't help but to notice a certain picture behind there.  photo IMG_9320_zpse49af55b.jpg In my best Guinness commercial voice,..."BRILLIANT !".  photo IMG_9317_zpsf470fc17.jpg

Talk about being humbled and completely blown away ! I just wish it was next to the photo Mel Gibson as William Wallace (Braveheart) in Dolphins colored war paint,....LOL.  photo IMG_9321_zps33e3e8b4.jpg

In the end I needed one last picture and as I was setting it up Joe said, " Griff, you know this is killing me, I'm a big Florida State fan". I felt kinda bad for about a second,...or less and its a true story that I like to leave my mark. Thanks for being a good sport. But know this, as much as I love the Buckeyes they take a backseat to our beloved Dolphins.  photo IMG_9325_zps8047994b.jpg

It was an incredible visit and one I will make again in the future as it appears to be good landing spot if I jump off from Nashville in the future. Which will become the norm as my Father and my Sister now live in that area. But I am left hoping that our next encounter will somehow be a Dolphins game. Either way its all good and now I got another friend I can call on here in the beautiful Sunshine State ! The power of The Phinsider strikes again,....weird.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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