RUN Sherman, RUN!!!

Mike Pouncey seems to think the way we fix a lot of our ills is to run more. This is true but the question is how to do so at a level that our OC will utilize it more. I will attempt to analyze a few plays against the Ravens.

The first play happens in the first quarter at the 14:26 mark, by the 14:21 mark there were 7 Ravens standing over Lamar Miller. Nearly every offensive linemen missed their blocks. This was a 2nd and one play but Simms ran at least 6 yards downfield without a block, Incognito and Martin made weak attempts at cut blocks, Pouncey lost his block after just one step and Jerry made a nice block good enough for a yard but did not sustain.

THE FIX: A power play with Pouncey and Jerry down blocking and Cogs pulling into the hole. Also it wouldn't hurt to have Tannehill to take a sharper turn and hide his hands after the handoff to give the appearance of a rollout run/pass option to hold the backside DE and/or LB and maybe a safety.

The very next play is almost the mirror image of the prior play Jerry makes a nice block good enough for a yard but Pouncey loses his block rightaway, Cogs goes to second level leaving Martin to attempt a difficult scoop block and Lamar breaks for outside Clabo loses the outside edge and Lamar is running too high for a one yard. Yet again there no action from Tannehill to keep the defense honest on the backside.

THE FIX: Triple team the Nose and QB sneak; it was less than a yard.

Although Miami was penalized for this next play at 10:17 mark of the 1st Qtr I still feel it's necessary to look at it. First the Ravens show 8 in the box, no audible. Clay motions to the left, the safety of the Ravens crept to the line with 7 seconds on the play clock, still no audible. An audible would have worked here because Hartline ran at least 9 yards looking to make a block; he was open for 9 yards!!!! Once again Tannehill doesn't hide his hands or supply any action to hold the backside of the defense. Most alarmingly Jerry pulls from right to left while Lamar rushes into weak void just left by Jerry. If that is the play design then it definitely needs to be scrapped. It must be noted that on all three plays the Dolphins are not blocking the backside end of the line and giving no action to hold or slow it down.

THE FIX: One or two word audible for hot routes or combo routes.

Finally my favorite debacle happens in the 2nd Qtr., at the 6:02 mark. It's 1st & 10, Miami is in shotgun with Clay in H-back left, the Ravens are in a 4 man front man coverage. Clay goes into a short motion and should pick up the DE over Clabo. Clabo makes a nice down block on the DT but Clay runs past the DE as if he is in a pass route while Martin on opposite side kicks back in a pass protection drop. This allows both DEs open lanes and run free as if they were in a field of daisies from Hollywood love scene. It almost appears as if the Dolphins are running two separate plays on the one snap. WOW!!!

THE FIX: Zone blocking relies heavily on reach, scoop and cut blocks all requiring speed and quickness equally throughout the line so that it moves as one unit. Miami had to have at least 5-7 missed cut blocks alone. Miami should reduce zone blocking to a group of plays and not a scheme or at the very least install a set of power plays. I believe this would create more success for Jerry and Clabo and allow for more balance in our attack. IMO Jerry seems to be one of our stronger linemen but that is a waste when he has to be on the constant move. We have shown to be fairly efficient in down, pull and man blocking which is featured in the power blocking scheme, so therefore making this change will give us success now and allow the Dolphins to refine the zone blocking for the long term as we get linemen to fill that need. RUN, Sherman RUN.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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