A Little Fake Fun with Omar



Disclaimer: The Photo used in this article is publically available on Mr. Kelly's Twitter feed, and the quotes used herein are real, although the interview isn't. For Entertainment purposes only.

Hello, Phinsider Nation. I thought it would be fun to throw some questions at local reporter O. Kelly, just to see if we're The Crazy Ones, or just plain Crazy. Have our thought processes been valid? What do the folks in the front lines say? So today, we ask!

HB: Omar, am I right to be worried about the Miami Dolphins offense? Or should I be sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips, my leg up, a bottle of heineken in my hand, and a content smile?

FakeOK: While quarterback Ryan Tannehill seems to be developing and the Dolphins are fairly efficient in the red zone, little else is going right for the Dolphins' offense, despite the team's 3-2 record.

HB: We are all aware of the sack total. Are we right to wonder if a few sacks can be avoided if Ryan Tannehill uses his mobility? Didn't he come into the league in fact, a pretty mobile guy?

FakeOK: The coaches are insistent on making an athletic quarterback a pocket passer.

HB: Really? I thought it was just me...crazy. Now what about Wallace, does it matter if we utilize him to the fullest exent? I mean, as of now, the numbers look pretty even between him and Hartline, but hasn't it been kind of a struggle to get him involved?

FakeOK: Mike Wallace had been stagnant in the offense until last Sunday's loss to the Ravens.

HB: I thought so! Ok, here's another question at you. We don't seem to be running the ball. Were we right to be calling Vonta Leach's name every week, in hopes of signing him? I mean, maybe we don't even need a FB, because this is a modern league, right? We cut the ones on the roster, in fact.

FakeOK: Daniel Thomas runs small when he's not in the I-formation. But Philbin can't use those types of power based formations because the offense lacks a fullback.

HB: Well, what about using a TE?

FakeOK: The offense doesn't have an established tight end who is a respectable and reliable blocker. So, no.

HB: Oh noooosse.

HB: Now, about that O line, and offensive scheme that has us pretty much lining up the same way every time..should we tinker with that? I mean, I watched the Jet game, and their coordinator made Geno Smith look like a Hall of Famer, and no-name receivers into superstars. It seemed like they lined up a lot of different ways.

FakeOK: Philbin should try some unbalanced line plays, more two tight end sets, and bunch formations. Use Marcus Thigpen in the one-back packages, and not just as a pass catcher.

HB: And Tanny rolling out?

FakeOK: Ryan Tannehill's 46-pass on an unintentional roll out play to Brandon Gibson last Sunday proves he throws accurately on the move. The Dolphins should use his athleticism more, much like they did last year.

HB: Ok, Thanks Dude!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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