Blueprint to beat Dolphins

I am not a doom and gloom fan, but I did see some things that concern me with coaching and a few glaring weaknesses that scare me some.

First the good:

1) Great effort all night, even when the game was out of reach.

2) Defensive Line was great in run game. And we have to hope Wake coming back helps in pass rush.

3) I thought we tackled much better this game than in the Atlanta game.

4) Thought Charles Clay played very well and is becoming a legit force. As are our other receivers not making $60 million.

5) Oline played well until everyone knew we had to throw it every down in 2nd half.

6) Tannehill played with poise. Made mistakes (fumble was awful), but I thought if we don't drop passes and finish routes (Wallace) that his night looks much better that the stats showed.

Now onto what is troubling:

1) Defensive coaching: How many times are we going to matchup against a scat back with a linebacker? How about thinking screen just 1 time on 3rd and 20? Any time we got a tightend to motion we bumped Grimes (our best cover guy) off Colston and onto the TE and left a linebacker on the best WR for the Saints. I am betting Brady will do that also. I hate that we are letting "rules" in how we adjust to formations become more important than common sense. Put your best guy on their best guy. This was an issue against Atlanta also as they marched right down the field early until we started to adjust. We also left Carroll on Julio Jones instead of our best cover guy.

2) Offensive pass protection: Not all on the offensive line. We are very predictable with routes and don't seem to take enough shots, so DB's are sitting on our quick passing game (thus the 1st INT). When all our guys are covered up there is no place to go with the ball and thus Tannehill either: A) Forces the ball into a tight window, B) Takes the sack or C) Tries to run or throw the ball away. Also it seems our offense as a whole functions much better from the gun.

3) Mike Wallace: Not giving up on him yet, but he has to become at least a guy that catches balls that hit him in the hands. Right now he's an expensive Ted Ginn (minus the family and unreal expectations). Seemed much of it is just timing. Also use him in a way he can do well: Screens, 3-4 deep shots, quick slants, etc...

4) Taking a knee with over 1:00 left and a timeout. Come on now, got to trust your guys in that situation. Sent a terrible message. We can say we trust Tannehill, but I have not ever seen a team that has faith in their QB do that at the end of the half.

Well enough of the rant. I think we can come home and beat Baltimore, but it will be tougher than most people think. We have to have a better design defensively and offensively. I want to see us come out and get to 4-1 by the break. Think we have several pieces to becoming great, just missing a few small things.

And don't understimate how much having Patterson out is hurting us. If he plays we can put Carroll to a nickle back and have much better matchups than Jimmy Wilson (who gives great effort, but needs to be a special teams only guy). Hopefully after the bye he can come back strong.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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