Another Mock

Free Agency

We have about $51 million in cap space. However, we have to keep some money to sign rookies and as a buffer, so we have about $41 million to work with.


Smith- $5.5 mil

He has a small time agent who wont want to jeapordize his relationship with the Dolphins. Plus he has gone on record saying he wants to be here. We need him.

Hartline- $4 mil

He gives us a hometown discount to stay. Solid player with good chemistry with Tannehill.

Fasano- $2.5 mil

Underrated TE, very solid starter.

McDaniel- $2 mil

We need a backup DT

Spitler- $0.5 mil

Developmental player, RFA

Garner- $1 mil

Important backup for the Oline

Total $15.5 mil


D. Patterson- $2.5 mil saved

We restructure his contract for a more favorable cap hit

R. Marshall- $3.5 mil saved

Didnt play much and got hurt. Wont be missed too badly.

R. Incognito- $4.5 mil saved

Doesnt move well, not a great fit for our Oline.

Total Savings $10.5 mil


G. Jennings WR - $8 mil

I think he is highly overrated, but he will make a decent slot type receiver in our new offense without a no 1 guy.

W. Beatty OT - $5 mil

Highly solid RT from the Giants, will allow us to move Martin to LT without causing huge problems.

A. Levitre OG - $7 mil

With Long gone, it is important that we improve our O-line, and he is the best OG on the market.

J. Byrd S- $8 mil

By far the best S on the market, will improve our secondary greatly.

M. Johnson DE- $8 mil

Gives us a strong pass rusher opposite Wake and allows us to kick Odrick inside to his natural position.

Total $36 Mil

Overall Cap Hit : $41 Mil


1. D. Milliner, CB

I am confident he will be available. Best CB in the draft and will give us a strong tandem with Smith.

2a. D. Thomas, OT/OG

We can kick him inside to RG to finish our new Oline.

2b. R. Woods, WR

Will never be a #1 WR because of his size, but doesnt need to be with Hartline and Jennings. Runs good routes and provides YAC, unlike Justin Hunter.

3a. B. Jenkins, DE

First round talent dropping due to injury, provides depth along the Dline, and will push Vernon. Eventually, one will be able to replace Wake.

3b. J. Franklin, RB

Will provide some RB depth after losing Bush and maybe even take over as the starter if he beats out Miller.

4. T. Matthieu, CB

A gamble, but well worth it at this spot to improve depth in the secondary.

5-7: Backup QB, backup OT, backup WR

Depth Chart

QB: Tannehill, Devlin, Rookie

RB: Miller, Thomas, Franklin, Thigpen

FB: Lane

TE: Fasano, Clay, Egnew

WR: Jennings, Hartline, Woods, Bess, Binns, Matthews

LT: Martin, Rookie

LG: Levitre

C: Pouncey, Samuda

RG: Thomas, Jerry

RT: Beatty, Garner

DE: Wake, Johnson, Vernon, Jenkins, Shelby

DT: Soliai, Odrick, Randall, McDaniel

LB: Dansby, Burnett, Misi, Spitler, Trusnik, Kaddu

CB: Smith, Milliner, Patterson, Carroll, Matthieu

S: Byrd, Jones, Wilson, Culver

K: Carpenter

P: Fields

LS: Denney

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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