Season Review.

Four years of consistent losing seasons and one playoff appearance in over a decade. Yes, it's hard to be a Dolfan in this era and hard to stay patient. At least Ross is nice enough to buy up seats to prevent blackouts because I'm not spending my hard earned money on that.


This season we saw a rookie QB start over lasts years MVP. Our team didn't want to call it a rebuild year but it was and next year we will continue that process. There were ups and downs from Tannehill. However, I did not see any flashes of brilliance that the top three rookie QB's showed. We can blame that on multiple things like the lack of a receiving core and his limited experience compared to the other rookies QB's. Are they only excuses? Time will tell. So the verdict is still out if he's really the QB or the future. From what I saw he wasn't an accurate QB in terms of ball-placementt on deep passes. Yes the widows were tight most of the time but he couldn't hit them. The good Qb's fit the ball into tight windows and as rookies they flash that potential. A lot of people say he can run the ball. I wouldn't design plays like that for Tannehill unless he reads that the defense isn't expecting him to run. He doesn't have a quick first step like RG3, Wilson, and Luck. Instead, we should focus on having him throwing on the move. That is his best strength and we didn't use it like we should of.


We saw Jake Long struggle in this zone line. Maybe it was a nagging injury/injuries that caused a dramatic decline in his play. After he was placed on IR, Martin moved to LT and made it clear we should let Long walk. But that was until the Pats game. Martin look like a kid among men during our season final. Billacheat saw the tape and realized Martin weakness. He had his players continuously bull rush Martin and Martin collapsed under the pressure. So now I'm not so sure Martin should be our starting LT next season. He has to get stronger because he got exposed in the last game and put Long back at the contract table IMO.

Why is Incognito still playing left Gurad and why in Doland Thomas having a great year for the Pats? Do you remember how the coaches raved about him a few years ago. We let another good player go at a position in need.

Pouncey is the best center in the league. John Jerry needs to show he serious and show up lighter at the beginning of camp. To me he is the Soliai of the Oline because he could be great but has to learn how to keep his weight down. Nate Gardner did a good job filling in at RT and probably should be starting as the LG...


Oh what a mess. Hartline showed he could be a good 2 and a great 3. Lets hope he realizes what he is that and the 1000 yard season doesn't kick him out of Miami because of money expectations. I still don't see whats so special about Bess. His feet look like they are stuck in quick sand when he gets the ball. I want someone who's both quick and fast in the slot. Marcus Thigpen anyone?


Bush is awesome and Miller showed great promise. Thinking of Thomas makes me sick. I remember the exact moment we drafted him. I was at the gym thinking WT_? and my thoughts haven't changed.


Fasano was solid as always. But we are in desperate need of a seem treat. Clay comes out of the backfield most of the time to attack the seam so he's not a TE. And EGGpoo ewww????....Yup we used a high pick on that. Makes you feel confidant about the draft huh?

Dline :

Awesome. What else can I say?


Good but getting old. Misi was a nice surprise. I really liked Olivier Vernon. He showed flashed for brilliance. Great OLB's typically start of slow in their rookie season. So flashes are what you are looking for. I loved how he chased down Spiller and Chis Johnson in the oped field.



Simth really isn't that good and it sad to say we need him back because we have no real CB's. However, I did like how MCcann ran with opposing WR's. So lets see what a offseason will do for him. The rest of the guys are backups and shouldn't even be on the field. Letting Davis go will prove to be dumb in the long run. He was a misbehaving player with allpro talent. COACH HIM UP!!! Mentor him! Isn't that what the good coaches do? Philbin has high standards for his players but he is a coach and needs to learn how to mold these players to fit his standards. Especially players like Davis because that talent doesn't come around too often.


Jones is an emerging playmarker and Clemons is a solid player. That's is a duo I wouldn't mess with for now. We have many other needs to worry about


As for Philbin and CO I grade their season as C-. Yes they had little to work with but we are drafting at the 12 spot which means we are below average. We need to keep our playmarkers on the field when the game is on the line. For example, I never want to see a healthy Wake on the sideline when our opponent is trying to complete a game winning drive. I could care less about snap counts

As for coordinators, I liked Daboll better as a OC. There were changes at half time and that doesn't seem to happen under Sherman/Philbin. As for our DC, why did we play so much zone when it was a weakness for our secondary?

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