ESPN Ron Jaworski's Final 2012 Quarterback Rankings

Mike Ehrmann

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski spends the entire NFL season studying the film of every starting quarterback in the league. With the season now complete, "Jaws" has released his overall rankings of all the quarterbacks on the year. While the top is dominated by familiar names, it's Miami's Ryan Tannehill's position that we all really want to see.

ESPN's Ron Jaworski studies NFL quarterbacks all season long. He's watched game film after game film, breaking down every throw from all 32 teams' signal callers. Starting in Week 4, he then builds a big board of NFL starting quarterbacks, ranking them based on his breakdowns.

On that original big board, Jaworski ranked Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill at 24th, writing about him:

It is incredible the way Tannehill not only has adapted to becoming an NFL quarterback, but simply just a quarterback overall. After all of his time playing wide receiver in college, I wondered if Tannehill could make the rapid transition. Through four games, it seems like he can and has. Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman have done a really good job getting him prepped for the NFL game. Like I see with most rookies, there have been some questionable throws. There have been some great ones as well, though, and that leaves me pretty high on Tannehill's future.

On that same board, which came out at the beginning of October, Jaws had Aaron Rodgers in the top spot, followed by Tom Brady, Elim Manning, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees. For the five rookies that started the season for their respective teams, the Washington Redskins' second overall pick, Robert Griffin III, was the highest at 17. First overall pick Andrew Luck, with the Indianapolis Colts, was 23rd, while Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson was 31st and the Cleveland Browns' Brandon Weeden was 32nd.

In the final rankings of the season, the top of the league has changed, as has the rankings of the rookies. Jaws now has Peyton Manning in the top position, followed by Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees. With Ryan moving into the top five, Eli Manning fell out, landing at the 7th spot, one behind Ben Roethlisberger.

As for the rookies, RG3 continues to pace the field, coming in at tenth. One spot behind him is Andrew Luck, with Russell Wilson taking the 13th spot. Brandon Weeden finished at 27th.

And Miami's Tannehill took home the 24th position. Of the ranking, Jaworski writes:

Don't judge Tannehill's season in comparison to the three playoff-bound rookies. The needs are far greater on offense in Miami than they were in Indy, Washington and Seattle. I think the future is bright for Tannehill, the Dolphins just need to develop a more consistent run game and find some more receivers to target. I've been very impressed with his first season in the NFL.

Jaws is exactly right in his write-up. We discussed that here on the site on Thursday in our fan poll about Tannehill's season. Tannehill had a typical rookie season, with some flashes of greatness, but mistakes at other times. What hurts Tannehill is the unbelievable year that Luck, Griffin, and Wilson all had.

What do you think of Tannehill's ranking? Is 24th right for him after one year in the league? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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