My Way Too Early Dream Offseason

This is my first post here after lurking the site for years.. I'd appreciate if if you guys take a look, and give me some feedback.

The Miami Dolphins are poised to be huge players this offseason. They have a promising young QB, an almost elite defense, and good pieces on the offensive line. With a couple playmakers on offense, this team can be dangerous.

The money values and length of the contracts are impossible to predict, but I used the player's position, recent performance, previous player's contracts, and their name recognition to predict their contracts.

  • Free Agency

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post takes a look at the Miami Dolphins salary cap situation:

Projected 2013 Salary Cap: $121 million + $6 million rollover from last season = $127 million.

The Dolphins have $76,347,006 towards player salary for the 2013 season.

That mean the Dolphins have roughly $51 million in cap space.

  • Re-sign
  1. RB Reggie Bush 3 year $16 million - Reggie is our only playmaker on offense. He led the team in touchdowns in 2012.
  2. CB Sean Smith 4 year $24 million - Young, big, physical CB with limitless potential. He matches up well with the bigger receivers (AJ Green, Fitz) but struggles with smaller, quicker guys (Welker).
  3. TE Anthony Fasano 2 year $7 million - Isn't the best receiving threat but a pretty good blocker and team leader.
  4. WR Brian Hartline 4 year $20 million - Solid #2 guy. He showed this year that he could put up big numbers with increased targets. Has good chemistry with Tannehill.
  5. OL Nate Garner Vet Minimum - Good depth guy. He can play either tackle or guard.
  • Let go
  1. OT Long - It's time to move on... He will demand too much money for inconsistant performance. Let some other team pay premium for a declining LT *cough cough Chicago*
  2. DT Starks - He was dominant in the beginning of the season but he slowed down towards the end. Odrick moving back inside will help lessen the blow of losing him.
  3. DT McDaniel - Way overpaid for a rotational guy.
  4. QB Moore - If he comes back for cheap then sign him, but I have a feeling a team will pay him starter money.
  5. S Clemons - Upgradable
  • These players add about $22 million to the 2013 salary, which means the Dolphins have $29 million left to spend.
  • Free Agents
  1. Sign GB WR Greg Jennings Age: 29. 5 year $35 million - A true #1 guy that will fit right into the offense. A sure-handed receiver that will open the offense for Hartline, Bush, and Bess.
  2. Sign MIN OT Phil Loadholt Age: 26. 4 year $16 million - A young, improving right tackle that helped pave the way for AD2K's incredible year. His pass blocking is average, but he has improved every year since entering the league.
  3. Sign GB CB Sam Shields (Restricted) Age: 25. 4 year $20 million - Smaller quicker guy (4.3 40) from the U that can keep up with the speedy receivers. He is restricted, but because of the Packers cap situation and their depth with Tramon Williams and Casey Hayward, I doubt he would be tendered for anything more than a 3rd. I would gladly give up one of our 3rd rounders for him.
  4. Sign ATL S William Moore Age: 27. 4 year $20 million - Playmaking safety that has 11 INTs the past 3 years.
  • These players add about $21 million to the 2013 salary, which means the Dolphins have $8 million left.
  • Draft
  • Draft 1st (12) Barkevious Mingo DE LSU - Big DE from LSU can be the pass rushing threat opposite of Wake that we've all been waiting for. The Dolphins were 5th in the NFL in sacks last year, but you can never have enough pass rushers.
  • Draft 2nd (42) Tyler Eifert TE ND - A Big physical TE from Notre Dame that can learn from Fasano (Also from Notre Dame). He can be a safety valve/Red zone target for Tannehill and can also be a seam threat.
  • Draft 2nd (Indy) Cordarrelle Patterson WR TENN - 6'3" playmaking WR from the SEC. With him and Jennings, our previously weak receiving corps becomes a strength.
  • Draft 3rd - Arthur Brown OLB KState - A 4-3 OLB that has good tackling and coverage skills. Misi has improved, but Brown has more potential.
  • 3rd round pick surrendered for Sam Shields
  • Draft 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th - Oline Depth, Dline depth, Late round QB.

  • Depth Chart (Offense)

  1. QB - Tannehill, Devlin, Rookie*
  2. RB - Bush, Miller, Thomas, Thigpen
  3. FB - Lane
  4. WR - Jennings*, Hartline, Bess, Patterson*, Mathews, Fuller
  5. TE - Fasano, Eifert*, Clay, Egnew
  6. OT - Martin, Loadholt*
  7. OG - Incognito, Jerry
  8. C - Pouncey

  • Depth Chart (Defense)
  1. DE - Wake, Mingo*, Vernon, Shelby
  2. DT - Soliai, Odrick, Randall
  3. OLB - Burnett, Brown*, Misi, Kaddu
  4. MLB - Dansby,
  5. CB - Smith, Shields*, Marshall, Patterson, Carroll
  6. S - Jones, Moore*, Wilson

* indicates new to team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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