Top 10 Dolphin games in team history

Thought I'd take a crack at giving my top 10 list for Miami Dolphin games. Realize I was born in 1980, so even though I have included some games from before then, I had to go off of stories from my dad or other Dolphin fans. I also did not include any game Miami lost, although we have had some games with the Jets that are in the top 10 in NFL history that we came out on the wrong end of (Marino's 6 TD game, Monday Night Nightmare, etc...)

10: December 16th, 2007: 22-16 OT win over Ravens. My wife puts up with football because she loves me. She will watch the games with me and laugh at how mad I get. I remember her and I actually getting emotional watching the Dolphins cry about getting this win. This was by far the worst team we have ever had in history, but I am so glad they were not the first 0-16 team.

9. Dec 28, 2008: 24-17 win over Jets. This was my favorite Dolphin team to watch. Going from 1-15 to 11-5 and beating the *&^* Jets on the way to doing it was awesome. I'll always remember Brett Farve attempted tackle after his last interception to seal our playoff birth. CP10 will have a special place in my heart as well as Dolfans around the nation.

8. Dec 20, 1992: 19-17 over Jets (Choke signal game). One of the first games I remember. I was 12 watching at home with my dad and I have hated Pete Carrol since this game. Watching us score to get the game to 17-16 and then "choke" the extra point away. Then having Marino do his magic and set a game winning field goal was awesome.

7. Jan 23, 1983: 14-0 over Jets (AJ Duhe 3 picks in AFC Championship game). I was only 2 during this game so I am mainly putting it here because: A) I hate the Jets, B) It was in the AFC championship game and the pictures from it look awesome and C) Having a player get 3 INT's in a game of this magintude is an awesome feat.

6. Jan 6, 1985: 45-28 win over Steelers (AFC Championship game). I'd call this Marino's biggest win of the post season (although I was tempted to put the win of the Chiefs when he brought us back from 16-3 here), so it goes in our top 10 wins. He played well and we all wish he would've had a few more of these games in AFC Championships.

5. Sept 4, 1994: 39-35 win over Patriots (Marino comes back). I still have the cover to Sports Illustrated with "Dan the Man" at home from this game. The mud everywhere, questions about Marino coming back to full strength. What a way to do it for him and it also put Irving Fryar as a new great receiver for Miami. How long has it been since we have made a huge play on 4th and 5 with the game on the line??

4. Dec 25, 1971: 27-24 over Chiefs (longest game). I was not around for this one, but it set us up for our 3 superbowls in a row and still holds the record for the longest game.

3. Nov 27, 1994: 28-24 over Jets (fake spike). This shows I am a young fan, but I will always remember this game. I loved watching Marino in his prime and watching him do the fake clock play will be one of my favorite plays of all time.

2. Dec 2, 1985: 38-24 over Bears (keeps undefeated streak going). I was only 5, but have been able to watch this game on replay. It will hold special memory to people for various reasons. To me it kept us as the only team to still be undefeated. It also showed if New England had not cheated in the snow plow game what we could have done to the Bears if we had made it. I hope one day we will get our fanbase back to that level for at least one game a year.

1. Jan 14, 1973: 14-7 over Redskins (undefeated superbowl win). Got to put this #1. It is what gives our franchise something no one else has and I hope never gets to have. I always wanted to do a shirt that says 17-0 > 18-1.

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