The Numbers: RG3 vs R. Wilson vs R. Tannehill

So I mentioned a few days ago I wanted to give a stat breakdown of how RG3, Russel Wilson, and Tannehill compared to one another and how 2 of the three have really excelled given their supporting cast and time to develop.

So first lets look at their college stats, starting with Russel Wilson.

Wilson came into NC State never completing more than 60% of his passes through his junior year playing a total of 36 games there (highest was 59.3%). He never had more than 8 Y/A and his highest rating was his sophomore year at 147.8. In his senior year, at Wisconsin, he completed 72.8% of his passes, with a 10.3 y/a and a ridiculous 191.8 rating.

RG3 had 4 full years as the Baylor starter, but missed most of his sophomore year due to a torn ACL. Nevertheless, he gained the experience since being a freshman, and improved every year as a quarterback. After his 27th game played, he never achieved a comp % higher than 67%, a y/a higher than 7.8 (his rookie year) and a rating higher than 144.2. Then his senior year, his comp % jumped to 72.4%, his y/a to 10.7 and his qb rating to 189.5, finishing his college career as the starting qb all 4 years, as did wilson, with a total of 38 starts.

Tannehill, as we all know, was a WR his first two years, only getting the starting QB reps his junior and senior years at A&M, which makes a big difference in his mental development and practice reps as well as on the field reps. He totaled 25 games played, but only started 19 of them as we all know, having to still take reps at WR into his junior year. For that reason, i'm really only taking his senior year stats for comparison as his junior year stats he attempted only 234 passes compared to 527 for russel wilson in his jr year and 454 for RG3 his jr year. As a senior, Tannehill had a 7.1 y/a, a 133 qb rating and a 61.6 comp%, this all after his 19th start.

At 19 starts Wilson had 59.3%, 147 Rating and 8.0 y/a while RG3 had a 65.2% (given the offense Baylor runs with the screens and short passes) a 7.0 y/a and 142.9 Rating.

As you can see, his stats aren't that off from these 2 "franchise" star quarterbacks that neither team has any doubt against. Both Wilson and RG3 never had to learn a whole new position, and were able to focus on their development at QB all 4 years at college.

Now, lets compare their NFL teams and what they have to work with. We all know Wilson and RG3 are more mobile than Tannehill but, they also certainly get a lot more help from their supporting cast.

Wilson's Seahawks have the 9th best rated run blocking o-line by PFF with the 14th best pass blocking o-line.

RG3 has the 14th best run blocking o-line with the 17th best pass blocking o-line by PFF.

Tannehill has the 23rd best run blocking o-line with the 24th best pass blocking o-line by PFF.

Wilson has the 16th best left tackle (Okung) and 3rd best center (Unger).

RG3 has the 19th best left tackle (Trent Williams) and the 4th best center (Will Montgomery)

Tannehill has the 46th best left tackle (Long) and the 8th best center (Pouncey).

I used LT and Center, because i felt protecting the blind side and the pocket are the two most important pieces to keeping the quarterback clean. Both Wilson and RG3 are mobile enough where if they have pressure from the RT, they can easily avoid it and scramble outside the pocket to make a play as we have seen time and time again. Not to mention the threat they pose while running the ball, which Tannehill showed more off at the end of the season. This is not something I prefer Tannehill to do as you saw the effects it had on RG3, but if he can do it wisely and avoid taking big hits, as Wilson has proven to do, then it can be an effective weapon for the offense.

To top it off, Wilson has a 1,590 yard rusher in Lynch, RG3 has a 1,613 yard rusher in Morris and Tannehill has a 986 yard rusher in Bush.

So regardless of how we want to spin the stats, its clear that both these other qb's developed substantially throughout college as they had more time to grasp the quarterback position. If Miami can find a way to add more weapons and play makers on offense while giving Tannehill time to develop, I see no reason why he can't achieve a pro bowl level.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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