(UPDATED) I Know Somewhere Al Davis is Smiling. Part 3

It's all about Speed Baby

In all fairness to Mr. Davis. May he rest in peace. He had part of the equation right. A football player should be able to play football also though. It isn't all about the Forty. An also as a person who grew up in CA. Mr. Davis did do a lot for the NFL and should be remembered for that. Those latter years sure were crazy though.

So if you got through the Part 1 and Part 2 of the story. Many Thanks. So we've gone through FA and we have settled our Cap issues. An yes CT there is a PLAN. Of course there could be a 180 to that plan. I will think happy thoughts though. Like I said in Part 1 we want to use FA for the right talent. At the right positions. An we want to use it to drive the draft to our Favor. Now with FA out of the way we move to the Draft.

But First: What have we done so far

Long---Traded future pick in 2014

Solia---Traded for Finley TE



McD---Part 2 I put a hold on McD for now.

Bush---Signed or Walked



RFA---Devlin is Key---Signed





These are the main signings for our FA period. Remember we have 19 total UFAs and RFAs. So I've signed 5-7 back and added 4 outside FAs and Finley . An if you didn't read Part 2? We can sign them and still have cap space. We just have to mainly settle the Jake Long issue but that is done by the draft.

There is a Sweet Spot to every Draft----IMO

What do I mean by Sweet Spot? Basically it's where we can do the most Damage with our picks. It's a Spot in the draft where we have Shooters Odds. If I were to do any trades for picks I want them in the Sweet Spot. It will be were the players I want are mainly at. How much damage or how many picks I need all depends on the condition of my roster. An in reality we have Solid Position in this draft. It also depends on how well we did in FA. Remember we want to turn this thing in one season. Next year we might want to be in the top 5 to get a player. So if all goes as planed we have that Flexibility after this draft to trade a chunk of picks to make the move in 2014. IMO

Picks #20-#110----Is The Sweet Spot

I'm going to roll this Mock by giving 5 names at each of our Draft Picks. The 1st name is my primary pick. Each name after would be the player next up. I've lined them up roughly in an area of the Draft I think they will be available. Some players will go up or down as the Actual Draft gets closer. Some of the positioning might be off. An I've tried getting a sense of what most people on the site see as strong players. I've also gone to a few of my regular College football sites and draft sites. The only pick I'm going to move potenially is the #12 pick. If I have a * next to a player I'm only going to pick that position once unless none of my other players are there. This is mainly for the TE and OT position. I need to get a OT in the first 5 picks. The depth falls off after that. IMO An maybe a little closer to the Draft I might be able to find a couple more in the lower rounds. Pick #12 will be traded to Cincy if possible. #12 for #21 and #52. Cincy comes up for Ogletree. I will list the players I would consider picking if there. If no Trade partner exist. At least one of these guys should be there.

Pick #12--Werner DE, Milliner CB, Joeckel LT, J. Jones, Jordan DE, Moore DE, Hopkins WR. *Fisher LT-----Trade Down

Trade #12----#21 & #52

Pick#21--Hopkins WR, *Fisher OT, Williams WR, Rhodes CB, Okafor DE

Pick#42--*Lane Johnson OT, C. Patterson WR, R. Woods WR., Wheaton WR., Trufant CB

Pick#52--C. Patterson WR, R. Woods WR, Wheaton WR, Trufant CB, Poyer CB

Pick#54--Trufant CB, Poyer CB, P. Thomas FS, *K. Long OT, *Ertz TE

Pick#77--P. Thomas FS, Amerson FS, K. Barner RB, S. Bailey WR, *Fauria TE

Pick#82--K. Barner RB, S. Bailey WR, *Fauria TE, Mathieu CB, D. Thomas OG

Pick #108--S. Bailey WR, Mathieu CB, *Reed TE, Uzzi OG, Alonso ILB

Pick#139--Mathieu CB, Reed TE, Uzzi OG, Alonso ILB, T. Long OLB

Pick#202--BPA---DT, LB, G, T

Updated Part:

Pick#208--Best Place Kicker Available---This is For JI----He deserves to spend a pick on a Kicker. Because this type of draft and FA would earn him that.

I put this Mock together Based on speed at the play making Positions. I also looked at college production and college competition. I also read what a lot of folks on the site were saying. CT and KMB are both very high on Hopkins. An I value their Opinions. I don't take anyone listed below 5'10. (Except Mathieu) I know T. Austin is making his way up boards. It's just a tough call based on history in the NFL.

Pick#12---This is a BPA pick. If there is no trade down partner. Even if I have already gotten C. Avril in FA I'm open to taking a DE. I will not be taking a QB, ILB, DT, or OG at this spot. My FA Signings and current roster Have eliminated that. FA has also Taken DE off the Board in theory. QBs, DEs, and CBs are the 3 positions I value the highest in any draft under a WCO scheme and those are the 3 position you can't have enough of. If we don't have a DE in FA we have to take one with our 1st Pick. If we wait till the second they will most likely be gone or they are Projects.

Pick#21---Cincy is a couple pieces away from being Legit. IMO. They have an extra 2nd and moving up to guarantee Ogletree makes a ton of sense for them. This also gives us 2 more picks in the Sweet Spot #21 & #52. If I could get T. Mays in this trade down that would be nice. Mays to me is a Tweener S/LB. Mays also might be cut. IMO. Cincy needs a ILB, Safety, and a RB. IMO.

Picking a WR at #21 will be my first priority. This is the range where the WRs should start falling off the board. I figure there will be 2-4 WRs taken in the 1st this year. I want my pick of them. If Fisher is there he would be a strong option. There are 3-4 tackles in this draft that I'm looking at. An I need to get one quick or they will be gone. My first and second picks give the ability to attack the draft. If Ireland does not look a position strength in drafts. We are hosed in my opinion. This has been an issue I've had with him over the last few drafts. But Who Am I. LOL

Pick#42--Again if Lane Johnson is there he is the pick. If not I start looking for my second WR. I may also have to take a CB if Johnson is gone. An if CBs have been taken in heavy numbers before this pick. CB and OT are weak in this draft. So getting one quick before all of my non-project options are gone is my approach. This also fits what Ireland does to a degree. Drafting Strong at weak playing positions in Drafts.

Pick#52-- This would be the pick received from the trade down. C. Patterson is my possible Project Player. He has massive upside he just needs to clean up parts of his game. He will drop like Hill and Sanu did last year.IMO. If you went WR at #42 then get the CB you want. If Trufant is there we get him. If we have Poyer rated Higher than get him. This is the point in the Draft where getting DBs takes priority.

Pick#54--This is the point in the Draft where getting DBs takes a higher priority. We should have at least 2 positions WR, OT, or CB filled by this pick. I only want 1 OT before the 4th round. If Ertz is still here then he is a possible. With Finley on board and Fasnao re-signed. TE is less of an urgency. Again OT is the only Need in the first 5 picks. Taking BPA off your list of players would be the way to go.

Pick#77--This is the point to pick up your Safety. Phillip Thomas is the guy I would like to pick here. He has a High Football IQ, he is a ball hawk, and a solid athlete. I've watched Thomas play over the years he is a stud Safety. IMO. Again start rolling down your list of players if Thomas is gone.

Pick#82--This pick I start rolling my speed back in on Offense. I have watched Barner play the last couple years also. He has solid hands. Great vision of the field. An speed is the name of the game with him. If he is gone go down your list.

Pick#108--This pick is again rolling speed back in. S. Bailey is the guy. Of course if one of the other WRs drops from my list above then shift. I would like 3 WRs out of this draft. If I can get 2 solid stud WRs and 1 massive upside WR. I'll be happy. I'm drafting to increase the speed and also replace Hartline. I want 6 WRs on my 53. I also want to have a replacement for Bess in 2014. So one Project is fine.

Pick#139--This is my gamble pick. T. Mathieu. We all know who he is. The only ding in my book at this point is his height. An the off-field issue are well published. The Kid is a Pure Football Player though. I might even be willing to take him at #82 down if he does well in drills and interviews. Again if he is gone move down the list.

As we get closer to the draft we will have a better idea of other players that might fit on our board. Watching the Senior Bowl I can see a couple that might move up. There are even other players that we could sign in FA. If we start FA with ONE BIG FA signing? An sign most of our own and no other Tier 1 Free Agents. Beware. You have just feed a cracker to a starving man. It may have been the best cracker in the world. Its still a cracker that wont satisfy the Roster's hunger.

By the Way this was all Nicky's Fault---Putting a draft together with pure speed is a Great Idea though.

I've ran the Numbers with all the FA pickups and signings. Basically with 38 players on roster before the draft that I count as Keepers. We would still have to sign Devlin and a RFA on Defense. An add in the 9 picks. We would need to find 4 players from what we have today or as UDFAs to fill a 53. There would also be a couple cuts I mentioned in Part 2.

Cap Hit For 2013-----(Before I add 9 Draft picks, 2 RFAs and 4 others)======$101.6 Million EST.

Cap Hit for 2014-----(Before I add 2nd year figures for 2013 9 Draft picks, 2 2013 RFAs and 4 others)======$106 Million EST.

So if you think it can't be done? That's your belief. Get back in your box and tune out.

If you want a 4th post breaking down the roster and how I put it together? SMH

Some times Its easier to Attack What we don't understand-----LOL

Again thanks for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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