Need for Speed aka Ice Cold Offseason Plan

first of all - please excuse all the typing errors and bad language (Switzerland Europe in the building)

watching the Miami Dolphins over the last 5 years one thing is obious


actually i wonder that we won was many games as we did, because game planning for the Miami Dolphins aint no rocket science !! everything is underneith, everything is short.

i think it starts with the personal, because we havent had a WR whos gettin seperation on DBs in forever. Tannehill is asked to throw into very tight windows. its not just the WR its also the TE's. / RB's Bush/Miller are the lone playmakers on offense. Bess is and could be even a bigger beast w/ 2 targets on the outside stretching the field. Bush would hit even more and bigger runs w/ the defense covering the whole field instead of just 20 yds

thats why lots of tough and upopular offseason moves are supposed to be made:

FREE AGENTS - OUT THE DOOR - Long, Hartline, Fasano, Smith

Long will simply cost too much and Martin played well when given the chance to start at LT, the only way i see resinging Long is if he stays for RT money (which is very unrealistic and even the best position for Jake)

Hartline, as good a guy Brian is, he is and always was a No 3 or 4 WR. Hartline cant get open on a cossistent basis, he reminds me a lot of an upgraded Camarillo (hard working overachiever). He posesses very good hands but lacks the speed DBs fear. Would i like to resign him? yes, but not for 4-6 mio/year

Fasano, great blocker but if your TE doesnt fear the hell out of LBs these days youre having problems. if you get him for cheap to play No. 2/blocking TE nice, if not - no tears.

Smith doesnt have IT, dude is celebrating when he almost got burned for a TD and the WR drops the ball. he has no vision for the ball, never turns around to get the pick. hes a suitable corner but not a playmaker and def not worth the money he is asking for.

FREE AGENTS - RESIGN - Bush, Clemons, Starks

Bush, you dont part ways with one of your few playmakers, Bush is a great rolemodel and Lamar Miller will only benefit.

Clemons, really progressed and wont cost a lot

Starks, resigning Randy is a must - Odrick is a DT playing DE to me, he really needs to move inside and the interior pass rush w/ Starks and Odrick will only benefit

EXTEND - Jones

Jones and Wake were the 2 biggest playmakers on defense and he will get only better


WR Mike Wallice (PIT) - this years draft is weak on elite talent on WR. Mike Wallace is gonna cost a lot, but he is exactly what we need on offense, a WR who stretches the field and the DBs fear on every single snap to get burned. Sure he is not the big bodied go to go guy but he is the medicine to your problem. so overpaying makes sense specially since you have already burned 2 high picks on stretch the field WR that didnt pay off.

the draft might not have THAT Andre Johnson type of WR, but there some good WR at the right price to be available. Robert Woods & Co will be available in round 2-4.


whole fan base is screaming for WR, please dont do it. Also dont trade down, what Miami needs is to start collecting Elite Players. this year its the time to draft an elite pass rusher. If you need to trade up to get the next Cam Wake please do it....Wake will take him and Olivier Vernon under his wing, cause havoc the next 2-3 years and eventually he will take Wakes place.

also get some corners.... how much i enjoyed getting burned on 3rd and 15

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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