A mock offseason

The Miami Dolphins are in the perfect position to be aggressive this offseason. We have upwards of 45 million dollars in Cap Space, and 5 draft picks in the first three rounds. This offseason should be more about getting impact players than filling needs. Of course we should be getting impact players that fill needs, but what we lacked this year is simple. We lacked Touchdowns. We need to get Wide Receivers that stretch the field and score touchdowns, Although Hartline was great, he only scored twice. We need to get Cornerbacks and Safeties that force turnovers. Turnovers and Touchdowns lead to wins. After this next season, if we are not at least 10-6, Ireland should and will be fired. That being said, let's start with our own free agents keeping this "impact player" thought in mind.

Miami's Free Agents: 45 million cap space

Randy Starks: Resign (6-8 million)- Starks is a dominant inside force, I mean he's in the pro-bowl. Starks and Solai together can blow up the interior of any Offensive Line, paired with Wake and someone else who won't be named quite yet, this will put our Defensive Line in the "elite" category.

Jake Long: Let walk- Jake Long has been somewhat of a burden the last 2 years. We expect him to be great, yet he's hurt at least half the time, and when he isn't injured, his play is sub-par. We would just be better off pulling off the band-aid. Goodbye, Jake. We've enjoyed the last 5 years, and we will sincerely miss you.

Sean Smith: Resign (7-8 million)- Smith is a big-framed Corner with flashes of brilliance (shutting down the likes of A.J. Green, and Larry Fitzgerald) and then flashes of stupidity (getting burned by T.Y. Hilton, and other smaller, quicker receivers). His inconsistency keeps him from the huge contract that I believe he will one day get, but he still warrants a modest 7-8 million a year contract. Our need for CB puts us in the position where we need him too much to let him walk, especially when we let Long walk.

Matt Moore: Let walk- I think we all know that Matt Moore will never have the chance to be the starting QB in Miami, but I think he can still be a starter somewhere else. I think it's the best for the both parties to let Moore walk. No tears, just luck and best wishes to him. Thank you for the Resurrection of our 2011 season, and goodbye!

Tony McDaniels: Let walk- McDaniels is a good rotational tackle, but we don't need him anymore.

Brian Hartline: Let walk- Brian Hartline was great this past year, and I know a lot of people will disagree with this decision, but look at the facts. He has only scored twice. We need impact players at WR that can assert themselves as red zone threats as well as chain movers. Thanks to this year, Hartline will probably get a modest contract to play somewhere else, good for him.

Chris Clemons: Let walk- let's face it. Clemons is average at best. We could do better.

Reggie Bush: Let walk- This was going to happen no matter what.. I think Lamar Miller is ready to elevate his game, heck, I think he ran better than Bush did this year when he was given the opportunity. I mean, at least he looked exciting when he had the ball in his hands. He'll probably get a decent contract somewhere else to be a starter, so he should probably thank Miami for the ressurection of his career.

Free Agent signings: 31 million Cap space

Mike Wallace: 12 million- You want to talk about Dynamic playmakers that score touchdowns? This is the guy. Wallace is one of the fastest guys in the NFL. Probably the best vertical threat in the NFL. That is exactly the kind of player we are in desperate need of. Another note, Wallace is still young, and in his prime. (Alternatives: Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings)

Jarius Byrd: 8 million- I know that there's a pretty good chance he stays with the Bills and an even bigger chance that he won't be signing with the Dolphins, but why not? I mean we could use a huge playmaking Safety to replace Clemons. If, and when this doesn't happen, I think we sign one of the other free agent Safeties. (Alternatives: William Moore, Dashon Golston, Louis Delmas)

Also some depth players in the LB, S, and O-line position. Stricktly depth and backup players though.


Round 1: Dion Jordan- Jordan is an explosive player at the end and perfect to oppose Wake. With an elite end (Wake), a potential elite end (Jordan), and 2 dominant Tackles (Starks, and Solai) our Defensive Line is set for the future. This also allows us to move Odrick inside as a rotational player with Kheeston Randall. Vernon, and Shelby will be used as rotational players at DE.

Round 2a: DeAndre Hopkins- Hopkins is an outstanding receiver prospect. I'm a Clemson fan and I've watched him for 3 years. He has speed, he runs crisp routs, he catches the ball, and best of all he is a Touchdown machine. If it looks like he isn't going to be there, trade up. Be aggressive. Hopkins is exactly the kind of receiver we need to pair with Wallace to make our Receiver corps great.

Round 2b: David Amerson- Amerson needs to be a Dolphin for one reason. Not for his coverage skills, which are pretty good, but for his ability to make interceptions. As I said earlier, Turnovers lead to wins. Smith, Amerson, and Marshall as starting Corners sounds pretty good to me.

Round 3a: Barrett Jones- Jones is an incredibly versatile Lineman which can be a huge asset to us. Especially because there is question marks across our line. We could fill him in wherever we need him most.

Round 3b: Xavier Nixon- Another addition to the Offensive line. Although inconsistent, he has a lot of talent. He gives us the ability to put him at RT, moving Martin to LT, and having a position battle at G. Barrett Jones, and John Jerry will be fighting it out for the RG position.

Round 4: Tyrann Mathieu- Why not take a chance in the 4th round on someone with a lot of talent? Possibly 1st round talent.

Round 5: Brandon Ford- As I said earlier, I'm a Clemson fan. It befuddles me that he's listed as a 5th round prospect. He was a playmaker for Clemson, and a solid blocker as well. I once saw the guy outrun a Corner for a 60 yard Touchdown. 5th round pick and he's already the best Tight End on our roster.

Round 6: Marcus Lattimore- A healthy Marcus Lattimore is probably a first round pick, and probably the best RB in this years draft class. Although he may have to spend the year on IR, he will be worth it in the long run.

Round 7a: Alec Lemon- A depth WR

Round 7b: Jordan Rodgers- Yay, a QB battle! haha, just kidding. Tannehill is locked in, Rodgers is just a backup option, and if he can't beat out Devlin for #2 QB, no big deal, just a 7th round pick.

2013 Depth Chart:


QB: Ryan Tannehill, Jordan Rodgers/ Pat Devlin

RB: Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, Marcus Lattimore (maybe, depends on rehab)

WR: Mike Wallace, DeAndre Hopkins, Devone Bess, Alec Lemon, Marlon Moore, Rishard Mathews

OT: Jonathan Martin, Xavier Nixon, Nate Garner

OG: Richie Incognito, Barrett Jones, John Jerry

C: Mike Pouncy

TE: Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Brandon Ford/ Michael Egnew


DE: Cameron Wake, Dion Jordan, Oliver Vernon, Derrick Shelby

DT: Randy Starks, Paul Solai, Jared Odrick, Kheeston Randall

LB: Carlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Koa Misi, Austin Spitler, Jason Trusnik, Josh Kaddu

CB: Sean Smith, Richard Marshall, David Amerson, Tyrann Mathieu, Nolan Carroll

S: Reshad Jones, Jarius Byrd (or William Moore, Dashon Golston, etc.), Jimmy Wilson, Tyrone Culver

Special Teams:

K: Dan Carpenter

P: Brandon Fields

LS: John Denny (2012 MVP!!!)

PR/KR: Marcus Thigpen

Alright guys, thats it! This actually took quite a bit of time, so don't be too judgmental. Now... Pre-Calculus homework. Bye!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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