Senior Bowl 2013: Practice Notes Day 2

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Senior Bowl practices are under way . On day two, the North and South team both practiced in Ladd-Peebles Stadium, giving the press the chance to see both teams, rather than being limited to one team or the other, as was the case yesterday. Here are some of the notes about players the Dolphins could be targeting.

The 2013 Senior Bowl will kick off this Saturday, meaning this week is full or practices being watched by general managers, scouts, coaches, and the media. Which players will jump out as the top prospects heading into April's NFL Draft? More importantly, who will be the Miami Dolphins' draft target with their 12th overall pick, and what later round prospects could they find?

Here's a run down of some of the notes from around the web about yesterday's practices for the Senior Bowl:

  • Alex Okafor, DE, Texas - "Alex Okafor isn't the most explosive athlete but he did a good job playing with good pad level and shows that he has the potential to bull rush effectively. I think he projects better to the left end spot I think but he definitely looked good to me today." - Tom Melton, The Football Standard
  • Quinton Patton, WR, Louisana Tech -
  • Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State - "[T]he top corner for the North squad today was Jordan Poyer. He was almost flawless in coverage, displaying good technique and incredibly quick feet in both press and off-man coverage. He's amazing fast to break on the ball when other corners would still be back-pedaling. He was beaten once on a comeback route, but he covered it as well as he could be expected, the ball was just timed to perfection and placed where only the receiver could catch it."-UkRedskin, Hogs Haven
  • Justin Pugh, T, Syracuse - "At 6'5", 297 pounds, he looks made for the zone blocking scheme. Interestingly, Mike Mayock and the NFL Network crew mentioned a couple of times how he will be a better fit at right tackle than left, but in his first rep, he looked fine on the left side. He showed excellent quickness and met an outside speed rush easily. He set an anchor and controlled the block easily. When he moved to the right side, he faced a couple of bull rushes, but Pugh got low and got his hands under the defender, giving him the leverage to win the block. He won both blocks back to back. Pretty good day for Pugh." - UkRedskin, Hogs Haven
  • Denard Robinson, WR, Michigan - "The former Michigan quarterback caught a long score on an out-and-up, but his footwork and route seemed awkward." - Justin Rogers,

  • Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State - "Boise State's Jamar Taylor started off the day well, particularly in press drills where he was able to corral the speedy Marquise Goodwin with steady body shots and well-timed hand checks. Still, as the day progressed, Taylor grew less and less comfortable when unattached from the route, I.E. off man coverage. I'll focus on Taylor more so in tomorrow's practice, but he appears to much more comfortable when able to land his hands and direct the route with physicality." - Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting
  • Desmond Turfant, WR, Washington - "Trufant really stood out in coverage today. He's a little bit smaller, measuring in at 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds at Monday's weigh in, but he blanketed the wide receivers and got his hands on several passes, especially during individual drills." - Justin Rogers,
  • Cornelius Washington, DE, Georgia - " Georgia defensive end Cornelius Washington looked terrificin drills displaying speed and power on his pass rushes that surprised many onlookers. While Washington's production was way down in 2012, he showed glimpses of potential the year before. In practice today he looked closer to the 2011 version of himself." - Tom Melton, The Football Standard
  • B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary - "Small school corner B.W. Webb from William & Mary was an early stand out. Webb is one of the shortest corners on the South squad at 5'10", 180 pounds, which gave him a disadvantage against big receivers like Baylor's Terrance Williams and Georgia's Tavarres King. Both of those receivers are rated as top prospects, and Webb won all three of his battles against them. His first was a vertical route against Williams. He did a great job turning and running with Williams and stayed with him step for step. The ball wasn't thrown well enough for Williams to make a play on it, but Webb was in perfect position to break it up. Webb then did the exact same thing against King a few plays later. Finally, he mirrored Williams well on an inside route. Williams made two cuts, Webb stayed with him on the first cut before allowing separation on the second cut. But Webb recovered and did enough to put off Williams and force a drop." - UkRedskin, Hogs Haven

  • Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State - "As for Markus Wheaton from Oregon State, he made it quite clear to scouts that he was the best wide receiver from the North squad. Long-legged yet quick out of his cuts, Wheaton separated underneath well enough to provide a clear throwing lane, while dominating with deep speed in the vertical game. Able to separate once the ball is thrown in his bench-and-go and fly routes, Wheaton has a homerun hitting skill set to be a dangerous weapon at the next level." - Eric Galko, Optimum Scouting

Hopefully, that's enough for this morning. More from the Senior Bowl throughout the week.


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