Free agents/Offseason 2012!!

I know everyone that is a Dolphin fan has their own idea about what we should do in the biggest offseason in recent history for our team. Here is another idea of what I'd like to see us do:

Let's assume we have $50 million to spend on all, including our own free agents. I know that is not the exact number, but the math will be much easier using that round number.

Our own guys that I do not resign: Jake Long (too expensive) Sean Smith (not a playmaker) Randy Starks (like him, but have too many other needs) Chris Clemmons (not a playmaker) Tony McDaniel (unless he'll play at veteran minimum)

Guys I keep and price I think we can have them for: Reggie Bush ($4.5 million for 3 seasons) Brian Hartline ($5 million for 4 seasons)

So that leaves us with roughly $40 million left to go shopping, but several holes on our team.

Here's my targets: Greg Jennings at $7-$8 million a year. If he will not come for that price... Mike Wallace at $9 million a year.

Any playmaking tightend (I like Jennings from Green Bay, but Dallas Clark or Dustin Keller would work also): $5 million a year

Jarius Byrd: Safeties aren't too much money and he is elite. $7 million isn't too much for a playmaker in the secondary to pair with Jones.

Chris Houston at corner sounds good also. $6 million a year may be a little low. If he won't sign for that look at the next tier of corners for that price range.

Offensive Line: I wouldn't put a ton of money in here, but would sign a starting level tackle. Would also look in the draft for long term guy. Might even look at the guard from Buffalo that is getting some attention. Let's just say that costs us $5 million a year.

TRADE: I'd offer the Vikings a 3rd round pick for Percy Harvin. I am guessing extending him would run us about $5 million plus incentives.

That is $37 million on these 6 guys that can come in right away and make us competitive.

In the draft: 1st round: Best available (looking at corner or pass rusher) 2nd round: Best available (corner, oline, pass rusher or wide receiver) 2nd round: Same as above 3rd round: Same as above 4th round: Same as above 5th round: Linebacker or Tight end 6th round: Linebacker or Tight end 7th round: I'd say "does it matter", but this is where Jeff Ireland usually finds some decent players!

That lets our skill players on offense look like this:

RB: Bush, Miller and Thomas at half back. I'd keep Clay at "H" back and Thigpen for special teams.

WR: Jennings or Wallace, Hartline, Bess, Harvin, Matthews and a rookie

OL: Martin, Incognito, Pouncy, Jerry (or FA), 2nd-3rd round pick

DL: Wake, Odrick, Solai, Vernon and draft picks

LBs: Same as last season

DBs: Byrd and Jones at Safety, Houston and high draft (Millner, Banks) at other corner with depth coming from guys on roster or later in the draft

If Tannehill develops and Philbin can get them going in the right direction I could see this team winning 9-11 games next season and setting us up good for the future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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