Ideal Mock Offseason

Just an idea of what I would do. There are still a million possibilities running through my mind and things could very easily change but I'd be ecstatic with the offseason playing out like this.

Starting with FA;

Resign Jake Long at a hometown discount. Jakes a smart guy, he knows he has ended the last two years on injured reserve. I think he gives us a good deal on a 4 year contract. This guy is elite, and a leader. Letting him walk would set us back.

Resign Sean Smith at a decent price for 2-3 more years. He has potential, just needs to work on consistency. With some help on the other side he can be better.

Resign Hartline for a decent price. He's proven he can play, and is our best wr. He is a great number 2, and matched up with a beast number 1 he will be a lot more productive.

Resign Bush. He's our best playmaker. I think he's earned it.

Let Clemons walk.

Let starks walk, mcdaniel walk, fasano walk. Too expensive, too expensive, and not athletic enough.

move odrick inside to replace starks. Vernon at DE. He's proven he can play in limited snaps. He will develop into a beast.

restructure dansby's contract. He's a team player, I think he'll take one for the team.

Cut Marshall. He wasnt too amazing when he played, combined with ending up on IR, i think we cut our losses.

Cut Nolan Carroll. Too inconsistent, makes way too many mental mistakes.

FA Pickups:

Jairus Byrd FS Buffalo. The man is the ballhawking safety we've been missing. He mite be expensive but its worth it. Especially considering that we weaken the bills by signing him.

Sam Shields CB Green Bay. He is fast, athletic, and a good playmaker. He will make a great nickel CB and wont be too expensive. He will have a tender, probably a 3rd rd. Considering we have two, i think we pull the trigger.

As for the draft;

1 Jonathan Banks or Dee Milliner

CB is a huge need, and having a first round talent opposite of Smith, with Sam shields in the slot makes us a whole lot better.

2A Zach Ertz TE Stanford

Complete Beast, 6'6 245 pound TE with great pass catching ability, route running and speed. Best safety blanket for Tannehill. Paired with Clay, they would make each other better, think of him as Gronk and Clay as Hernandez.

2B Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee

Amazing quickness and hands. Great straight line speed as well, combined with prototypical height (6'3) and great agility, he would make an amazing #1 receiver. He needs to work on his route running but he can be coached up. If you haven't seen film on this guy, I highly suggest you do.

3A Jonathan Cooper G UNC

A big athletic Guard to help out the O-Line.

3B- Tender for Sam Shields

4 Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU

Because he missed a year, and had drug issues, the honey badger falls to us in the 4th. He will make a great 4th CB and special teams contributor.

5 Conner Vernon WR Duke

Great Route Runner and excels in yards after the catch. He broke a bunch of records in the ACC. This leaves our WR corps at Cordarrelle Patterson, Brian Hartline, Bess, Matthews,Vernon and Binns if we keep a 6th.

Last three picks O-line depth, D-line depth, Kicker.

If we can pull of an offseason like this we will be playoff contenders next year. We got close this year with giant holes and a rookie qb without any weapons. I know a lot of you want a DE in the 1st and a LBer that can cover TE's. But I honestly think they are both on the roster already. Vernon and Josh Kaddu, who Philbin came out and said he expected to make a big splash next season. Thanks for reading gentleman, I look forward to your comments and discussions.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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