Rebuilding for Speed Off Season. Part 1

It's All About the Benjamins

Mr. Ross wants FL tax money to rebuild HIS stadium. Mr. Ross is willing to put up most of the funding himself. Which is good. Mr. Ross is asking we as fans to make an investment in HIS stadium. I think most will say Talk is Cheap. We as fans want Mr. Ross to make an investment in our Team First. We as fans aren't fools. All of us have watched this team since we were kids. This is the one year where most ALL fans agree on what our needs are. We just disagree on how to fill those needs. (AKA FA or Draft). An YES WE CAN turn this team around in one year. The Rome was not built in a day thing has been disproved by teams like the Colts and 49ers.

2013 is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal off seasons in Dolphins Franchise History. We are walking into an off season with $40-$60 Million in Cap Space. We have 5 draft picks in the top 85. (Thanks to Ireland) We have an owner that is willing to spend money on Players(So he Says). So why be passive in our approach? Jeff Ireland knows he has to get this off season right or the fans are going to completely revolt. An GM jobs don't grow on trees. So if he thinks getting a second bite at the GM Apple is easy he is in for a rude awaking. Although I here the JETS are still Looking.

So here we are. On the cusp of Free Agency and the Draft 3 months away. How do we fill all of our needs in 1 off season? There are 3 things that we must identify.

1. What do we have on our roster

This is pretty simple. Who is going to be here for the next 5 years. 5 years is a window for our team to be making solid championship runs.How do those players fit into Philbin's vision for his offense and defense? How much do they cost and are they really worth retaining for that cost? Are there suitable UPGRADES in the next 2 phases? (FA & Draft). Can I hold the player short term? (Say 2 yrs.) Because the 2014 draft has depth at that position or my 2012 Project rookie has turned the corner by then? Be careful to NOT have to many of these PROJECT players on your 53 man Roster. 1 or 2 project players max. Players have to fit their defined role. The Practice Squad is for Projects Players.

2. What will be available in Free Agency(FA)

FA is a tough route for most teams. Generally a team will crater with excessive use. You can't buy a Championship right? Maybe so or Maybe not. FA should be used for a one time infusion of Talent at the right places on your roster. Using FA as a way to shape your Draft Strategy and improve your team in areas of weakness should be your approach. IMO. Getting the RIGHT FAs that fit the team and your timeline is critical. Let's be blunt. We took a year off in our Rebuild. Last year we drafted a QB and stood fast in all other areas.

3. What are the Strengths of the 2013 draft.

This doesn't take a genius. We all know the names of the kids coming out of college. We've watched them play in person or on TV. We can Google anyone of them and get video of them catching passes in the 3rd grade. There are only 2 things we as fans can't do here. We don't have access to the medical (We can probably Google that Also though). An we don't do the interviews (Insert Prostitute joke here) or backgrounds. We as fans know who the players are. The Front Office just needs to put together a PLAN that puts us in a position to pick those players. We have to attack the Draft. Not fall victim to it.


Let's Begin My Friends

Our FAs

Jake Long-- Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag

He can negotiate with other teams. This is a 2 1st rd picks if we do not match an offer TAG OR we can trade him to a team that gives him the contract he desires and except whatever picks we can get. This was a tough call for me. It just makes sense though. The draft has 1 or 2 top LT prospects. FA has Long and Clady. Clady will be kept at all cost by Denver. So why let Long walk away for FREE. If Jake wants to stay with the Dolphins? Then $7-$8 Million a year is a fair offer. He is a Luxury item and I would rather use the money for a playmaker.

Hartline-- 3 yrs @ $12 Million. $6 Million Guaranteed. OR he can take his Talents to NE. Bye-Bye. The whole Rosenhaus thing is starting to bug me. Something just doesn't seem right .

Bush-- 3 yrs @ $12 Million. $6 Million Guaranteed $3 Mil SB. OR he can walk.

Fasano-- 2 years @ $6 Million. $3 Million Guaranteed. OR he can walk

Starks-- 4 years @ $24 Million $6 Mil SB.

Smith-- 5 yrs @ $30 Million. $15 million Guaranteed, $5 Million SB

Basically let him test the market. See what offers he gets. If it is more than a 5 yrs. @ $30 million contract. Tougher Call. You might have to bump it to $35 Million max. The CB market and draft are a little thin. An getting the CB in the Draft is taking a chance. Remember use FA to shape your Draft.

Clemons-- 2 yrs. @ $4 Million. OR Let Walk and Sign CULVER to the Vet Min.

**McDaniels-- 2 yrs. @ $ 6 Million. You'll see why in a minute.

RFAs--I assume that most of our restricted free agents will be Tendered and Signed. Pat Devlin HAS to be signed. IMO

Let's do some adding for 2013 Cap

LONG--$13.44 Million or $15.4 Million Which ever number you want to use. Short term till a trade,offer or contract. Then back to $0 or the value of new contract. It can be covered either way. Happy now. :)

Hartline--$0. He will walk

Bush--$2 Mil Base. $1 Mil prorate SB. Total Cap hit 2013===$3 Million

Fasano--Keep it simple $6 Mil divide by 2. Total Cap hit 2013===$3 Million

Starks--$2 Mil base. $ 1.5 Mil prorate SB. Total Cap hit 2013===$3.5 Million

**McDaniels--Again Simple $6 Mil divide by 2. Total Cap hit 2013===$3 Million

Smith--I'll keep this simple also. If need be spread the base and mess with the SB to cover.Total Cap Hit==$6 Mil.

Culver--Roughly Vet Min. Clemons will want starter Money. Total Cap hit 2013===$1 Million

Our FAs Grand Total--- $19.5 Million 2013 Cap Hit (Not including RFAs)

Outside FAs We Sign

C. Avril-- 5 yrs @ $48 Million, $32 Million guaranteed, $8 Million SB

This FA pick-up will help us to control the draft. Avril is young and has put up solid production throughout his short career. I like this signing for several reasons. His age puts him in between Wake and Vernon. He is a proven 4-3 pass rusher. He is a model citizen to the best of my knowledge. The Lions Can't afford to Tag him again. Where M. Johnson from the Bengals will be Tagged. Yes, Avril was offered a 3 yrs. $30 million dollar contract. You have to pay the guy. We offer him a longer term and more guaranteed money. An FL is a no income Tax state. His first year he will make $14 Million between his base and SB. The draft has some good to great Talent at the top of the Draft. Do we want to hope one of those guys falls to us? Again control our own Fate.

2013 Cap Hit---$6 Million Base, $1.6 Million Prorated SB. Total Cap Hit===$7.6 Million

M. Wallace--5 yrs @ $45 Million, $22.5 Million guaranteed, $7 Million SB

I go back and forth on this one. Jennings or Wallace. I would be happy with either. This offense is going to be about speed. Wallace=Speed. Wallace is younger. The Steelers are close on Cap. Did I say Wallace is Fast. First year he will make $10 Million between the Base and SB.

2013 Cap Hit---$3 Million Base, $1.4 Million Prorated SB. Total Cap Hit===$4.4 Million

Dominique-Rodgers-Cromarti--5 yrs. @ $35 Million, $12 Million guaranteed, $5 Million SB

What the hell went wrong in Philly. Man what a mess that was. Maybe Andy Reid hired T. Sparano to coach his defense? DRC needs a home. This is a 2 year contract basically. How can a team go from 3 Top 10 CBs to 0 top 10 CBs? WTH. I would like to get J. Byrd from the Bills. They would be smart to Tag him. So DRC is the guy.

2013 Cap Hit---$1 Million Base, $1 Million in Prorated SB. Total Cap Hit===$2 Million

A. Levitre--4 yrs. @ $22 Million, $11 Million guaranteed. $6 Million SB

Solid OG. The guy is durable and a solid run blocker. He is also excellent in pass Protection. This move again helps the team move the draft to our favor. It also weaken a Div. Rival. This also softens the loss of Jake.

2013 Cap Hit---$4 Million Base, $1.5 Million in Prorated SB. Total Cap Hit===$5.5 Million

Outside FAs Grand Total----$19.5 Million

Grand Total in Cap Spent Through FA For 2013

****$39 Million****

We basically have 7 main FAs (Long,Bush,Hart,Clem,Starks,Smith,Fasano) that were starters and 1 rotational guy (McD) that could have started last year on our list. I add Culver to the list because he is a UFA that I want to account for. We are letting **4 of our own go. An then we are signing 4 from the outside.So we are paying a little more for Outside FAs. Someone is going to get paid the money folks. I would prefer to choose them and at the positions I need to improve. People just need to look at them as upgrades that will be tough to fill with certainty through the Draft. I'm also looking to keep the group young enough in age. I have kept the numbers to one year so people can see how you work the Cap. I've tried to keep all within reason. Keeping the Cap Hits lower in 2013 and 2014 would be way to approach it. You still have to give the player the money up front that he deserves though.IMO. 2015 the league will have a new TV contract that will bump the Cap up.

**Trade Paul Soliai**

Soliai is in the last year of his contract. Let's face it. He is very solid as a 4-3 DT. He is a Top 3 NT in a 3-4 front though. Finding a 3-4 NT is very tough. He has high value to any team trying to make the Transition to a 3-4. So sell now. This is why I'm resigning McDaniel. We would have Starks, McD, Odrick, and Randall as a solid 4 man rotation.

Trading Paul saves $6 Million Approximately in Cap for 2013.

Grand Grand Total in Cap spent so far for 2013

****$33 Million****

Straight Up Comparison

We Lost

Long--$11 Million per year Est.

Hartline--$6 Million per year Est.

Clemons--$5 Million per year Est.

Soliai--$6 Million per year App.

Total Loss--$28 Million per year App

We Gain

Avril--$9.6 Million per year App.

Wallace--$9 Million per year App.

DRC--$7 Million per year App.

Levitre--$5.5 Million per year App.

Total Gain--$31.1 Million per year App.

Part 2--The Speed part. AKA the Draft.

Part 2--To follow if this gets enough interest.

Thanks for reading

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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