Xtremes Mock Draft 1.0 Offseason #2

Hey everybody, it's been a while and I'm glad to be back. Finally have some free time having the flu so I'm gonna take my shot at a mock draft! First off I'd just like to express that Tannehill impressed me greatly this season. I am guilty of being a hater of drafting Tannehil in the first round last year but ya know, he didn't do half bad especially with that ghost receiving core. Hartline and Tannehill were able to get some good chemistry don't get me wrong and I love how Philbin incorporated Rishard Matthews in some of the plays, but we lacked a big (hint hint) 6' 3" guy who could take on any corner and have a chance at catching any throw. We had our No. 2 we had our slot but we NEED that big target number one. A few of you may disagree others may agree but this is just my opinion. After you see my mock leave your feedback below and once again it feels great to be writing again. (Only Rounds 1-2 for this one rest of rounds coming soon)

Round 1- Keenan Allen WR, California

In my opinion, Keenan Allen is the big Reciever that the Dolphins are looking for. Others have us taking an O-Lineman but I think this is the time we make a big upgrade to our recieving core. Being 6' 3" and 210 lbs. he has a very large potential of becoming the Dolphins No. 1. Him going to Cal and only playing 9 games it's amazing the stats he put up. He had 61 catches in 9 games for 737 yards and 6 TDs. Keep in mind 9 games just imagine what he could do in 16 when him andnTannehill build a chemistry.

Round 2a) - Kyle Long OT, Oregon

Here is when we can start to build up the void of Jake Long if not resigned seems funny how they both have the last name Long but aside from that Kyle Long spent a lot of time blocking with Oregon and is arguably a big reason LaMichael James had such a good season. A few other mocks have us taking a guard or another OT because there are so many other possibilities, but here's why he sticks out to me. 6' 7" and 312lbs. Now to me that sounds pretty scary my dads 6' 7" and imagining him being 312 lbs. kind of intimidates me.

Round 2b) - Johnathon Banks CB, Mississppi State

Banks Is an interesting prospect at corner as he was scouted by the bulldogs and played mainly on special teams. Although injuries forced him to play safety for seven games and he recorded 33 tackles seven pass defends and picked off 4 balls. Which is very impressive due to that being his first time playing safety. Then when he switched back to corner as a sophomore he recorded 55 tackles 10 passes broken up and another 3 interceptions. Banks is projected to go in either the first or second and Im hopefull he'll fall to us he could add another dynamic playmaker to our all ready good defense.

Hope you guys enjoyed my projected first two rounds if not leave your feedback and what you would change I'll post again soon.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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