Changing the wrong things

Let me start by saying, change isn't always a bad thing. In the case of the Dolphins, I think it might be. I personally don't understand the need for all the change being done. Our team has been in the lower half of the NFL for the past decade, except for a single year when we somehow found a way to win the AFC East (Brady injury and help from the wildcat). I don't understand why a lot of the focus is being put on the stadium, logo, and uniforms and not our team.

I have been a Dolphins fan my whole life, and although I am only 18, I consider myself to be a huge fan. I have never seen success out of the Dolphins, so seeing Stephen Ross talking about modernizing the stadium and logo gets me a little angry. He has kept Ireland in office after multiple losing seasons. Now, I'm not saying I am completely against Ireland, I think he has done some great things for the team, but I do think we need a new GM. I don't feel like Ireland is doing the right things to make the Dolphins a winning team.

I don't know if I missed something, but when did football turn into a fashion show? Who cares if we have a modern stadium. Hell, look at Soldier Field or Lambeau. They have been open since before the Dolphins were even a franchise and they are still working fine. Lambeau is the home to the Packers, who have a great team and haven't changed their logo once. We don't need to go get a sleek look, hoping that it will turn over a new leaf and we can start over. Ross needs to realize that football is about winning, and that the Dolphins's fans want to see a winning team. I don't know about you guys but it sucks always looking forward to next year instead of being in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy. I wish the organization would realize that what they need to change is not the stadium or logo, but the people running the show. Put people in there who know how to win.

I think Philbin is a great coach. After watching Hard Knocks, I like the way he was running things. I think he is the best coach we have had in a while, which isn't saying much. What I don't understand, is the offensive play calling. I hate the way Mike Sherman has been calling games. I know a bunch of you are going to say that its the West Coast offense and its his playbook, but it isn't working. The point is to win games, and if a screen play didn't work the first 5 times, you probably shouldn't keep trying to run it. I watched every game this year, and attended the game against the Pats in Foxboro, which was terrible. Personally, I hated the play calling in every single game. We come out in the shotgun and run 3 plays. The worst is when we run out of the shotgun. We use the same play every single time and it always gets stopped at the line. Also, our screen passes, like I mentioned before, have not worked all year long. As much as I hate it, the Patriots run one of the best screens in the game. They get their blockers out there and it usually lets them pick up big gains. Our problem is that we cannot execute the screen as well. Our screens result in the receiver hopefully getting 2-3 yards because they have no blockers. The thing I hate most about the play calling is the third downs. Every third down and long, it is the same result. Tannehill throws a pass for 5 yards and we have to punt it. When you know you need say 8 yards for a first down, why would you throw a 5 yard pass? Sure you can blame it on Tannehill, but it is the coach calling the plays.

The things I think we need to change don't involve the logo and stadium. This is what needs to happen:

1. Get Tannehill what he needs. We have a potentially very good quarterback and we need to build around him. Now lets get him weapons so he can succeed. This means getting a quality offensive line that can protect him and give him time to throw the ball. Also, get him receivers. He can throw the ball, but his best receiver is maybe a number 2 on any other team. Bring in a number one receiver so he can throw to him.

2. Use Reggie Bush more. This isn't saying we should run the ball more. I think we need to use Bush more like he was used a couple years ago, as a weapon out of the backfield for Tannehill. If we can get him running routes against a linebacker, that's a huge mismatch and could be potentially big plays.

3. New offensive plan. I'm not going out and saying we need to fire Sherman, but a change of play calling would be nice. I remember when we had the ball within our own 20 with 3 minutes left, losing, and they run the ball up the middle. I think a lot of the plays that have been called this year are asinine.

4. OUR SECONDARY. Our secondary is terrible. Watching quarterbacks have a field day on us hurts. I love Rashad Jones and I think Smith is a good cornerback, but we need more talent in our secondary. We need to be able to stop the pass. Like they say, defense wins championships.

5. Get Tannehill on the move. We sometimes forget that Tannehill played wide receiver in college. This means he is quick and agile. Towards the end of the season, Tannehill started running more and it worked great. When his reads weren't there, he took off and picked up big chunks of yards. I think we need more of this. Get him moving out of the pocket. Look at the success Kaepernick has on the Niners. We could have that in Tannehill.

Those are what I feel are the major keys to us winning. Of course there is more, you can never stop improving, but I feel like if we can change those things, we would have a more successful team. I think we have a lot of potential and talent on the team now, and I think with a good offseason, we have a solid chance to make the playoffs next year. Theres no where to go but up from here.

By the way, the main reason I wrote this is because I am disgusted by the new logo ideas. They look terrible. I love the logo now and don't see a need for a change. If anything, I would love to see the old logo make a comeback. As for the stadium, it looks nice, but I love the stadium just as it is now, nice and open. It is still the best stadium I have ever been to.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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