My Ideal Offseason

My name is Brad and I am a long time reader of the site and a first time poster so please go gently on me lol.

I think that Ireland has a very long hard road ahead of him but he will get it done because well he doesn't have much of a choice if he doesn't perform then he will be fired next season. I have an idea of which decisions might be made. First off our own FA's-

Need to sign- Fasano (1 year deal), Bush (2 year deal), Long- (2 year deal), Clemons (3yr), McCann(2yr). Lets face it Fasano is been solid when it comes to blocking and he does have athelticism to make good catches if given the opportunity. When it comes to Bush I don't believe he will be that much money to retain. He needs to be a top priority because not only is he a weapon that wasn't used correctly but he has a skill set that must be planned for. By signing Bush it gives the fins a good role model for young players to follow as well as a offensive weapon. Ok down to Jake Long yes I know the last few years he has been hurt but did anyone see us get completely destroyed on the left side while he was gone because I sure did. Long needs to be resigned because even if he has lost a step or two he is still better than alot of other players and will be a wanted player on the market. Long also is a proven leader that is needed. Both Clemons and McCann had solid years for the fins and should be given the opportunity to succeed. These moves should still leave us with enough money to sign a few free agents.

Let Walk- Starks, Garner, Mcdaniels, Hartline, Smith. Let me explain theses moves. First off Starks is solid however he just isn't worth the money that will need to be spent. The hardest player to not sign is Brian Hartline he was extremely reliable this year but I just have the feeling that he will want to get paid and the fins will not want to come to his terms. However I have a grand scheme to make things better and replace him with someone else in the draft. Smith has been a huge disappointment and I can't stand players that refuse to tackle people.

Restructure contracts- I would see if some Vets contracts could be restructured. The first one I would go after is CB Dimitri Patterson. If Patterson doesn't help the club he should be let go. Also I would see if Dansby would restructure his for the better of the team. Hey let's be real he wants to win at this point and is sick of not going to the playoofs.

FA Signings- GB WR Greg Jennings- Signed to 3yr contract, Buff QB Tyler Thigpen 1yr (Yes I know but he is a solid back up),Jax CB Derek Cox 3yr(Smith's replacement, much more physical and not afraid to hit, and they will cost about the same). The rest of the holes and can be filled by Ireland but this is the general idea.

Trade- Fins trade 2013 6th rd and 2014 conditional (either 5th or 6th) for GB TE Jermichael Finley. The fins will then sign him to a 2 yr extension locking him up for three years. I was debating drafting a tight end but none of them seem special this year next year is a different story. Finley gives the fins a seem threat tight end with speed that they have been sorely lacking.


1st- (12) I have decided to trade down instead of drafting one of the DE because it is a very deep area this year. I trade to 17 and recieve an extra 3round pick. WIth that pick the fins selected Ala OG Chance Warmack. Yes I see the eye rolls now but he is a one of a kind specimen that would lock up that RG spot for years and protect Tannehill.

2nd- Texas DE Alex Okafor. The Pass Rusher that will put pressure on Vernon and gives us options to pressure the QB.

2nd- WV WR Stedman Bailey- Although small Bailey is what we need a "playmaker". He is extremely fast, can run routes, has great hands, but he is small which is why he drops.

3rd- Fresno State S Phillip Thomas. We need a safety that can lay a hit and catch the ball we need another Jones and I think this guy can be him.


3rd- GA CB Sanders Commings- An all around CB that can help the fins continue to bolster the secondary with playmakers.

3rd- Texas AM WR Ryan Swope- It may be a little early here for him but I have to admit he is on my man crush list and drafting Swope made it easier to say bye to Hartline. Swope could be the fin's version of Jordy Nelson and also was Tannehill's fav WR in college.

4th- UF ILB John Bostic- Speed at the LB position is needed and we need to start looking for the eventual replacement of Dansby.

5th- Maryland DT Joe Vellano- A proven run stuffer that does get the occasional sack. Rest Draft BPA Summary-

I would let Jerry be a back up OL in case a injury occurs. Odrick gets moved to DT to prove his worth. These moves upgrade the team as a whole. To the people that question letting some of our quality players leave my question to you is what have they done in the years they have been with the fins. We haven't been to the playoffs in years its time to change things up. Please tell me what you guys think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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