2013 Miami Dolphins Anatomy of a Play

Sherman Saves Fins' Season with the Read Option

In a difficult road matchup, with all hope of making the playoffs resting on a win, Mike Sherman finally got the offense to produce over 30 points, in part by exploiting an opponent's weakness.

Hazard's Huddle: Mike Wallace vs. Baltimore Ravens

All-22 Film Breakdown of Mike Wallace vs. Baltimore Ravens.

Why does it feel like the Phins can't cover TEs?

With Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham members of our upcoming two opponents, let's look at why less accomplished tight ends have done well against the Dolphins the past 2 weeks.

What goes into scoring a touchdown?

What goes into scoring a touchdown? Here a deeper look at the touchdown Brian Hartline scored against the Cleveland Browns.

Miami's Grimes called for PI against Bucs

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday, 17-16. Leading up to the Bucccaneers first touchdown, Miami cornerback Brent Grimes was called for pass interference. Here's a look at what happened on that play.

Anatomy of a Broken Play: The Outside Zone Run

On Saturday, the Dolphins got poor results out of one of their playbook staples, the outside zone run. When things don't go according to plan, it's interesting to dig into what the team was trying to do on a play and why they didn't get the job done.

Tannehill and Wallace cannot connect against Jags

When Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw his last pass Friday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars, one things was immediately noticeable. None of those passes had gone to wide receiver Mike Wallace. Why not?

Dolphins Return to Last Week's Favorite Play

The Miami Dolphins lost to the New England Patriots on Sunday, dropping the game 23-16. During the game, the Dolphins returned to a play we broke down last week, adding a fourth variation to the three from the Seattle Seahawks game.

Did Sean Smith Give Up Anthony McCoy Touchdown?

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins beat the Seattle Seahawks 24-21. With just 40 second remaining in the first half, the Seahawks had driven down the field and were looking to tie the score at 7. Seattle would find the endzone on a three yard touchdown

One Play, 3 Variations, Big Gains For Miami

The Miami Dolphins beat the Seattle Seahawks 24-21 Sunday. During the first two of the team's three scoring drives late in the game, the Dolphins attacked the Seahawks three times from the same play, varying the target in each running.


A look at the Tannehill to Moore touchdown pass

Last weekend, the Miami Dolphins beat the St. Louis Rams 17-14. The Dolphins were clearly struggling in the game, but had only given up two early field goals before a 29 yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill to Marlon Moore.

Closer Look at Brian Hartline's 80 Yard Touchdown

The Miami Dolphins lost to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday 24-21 in overtime. It was the second straight overtime loss for Miami, despite playing well in both games. Here's a look at the 4th quarter 80 yard touchdown pass from Tannehill to Hartline.

A Phinsider Play Breakdown: Anthony Fasano's 22-Yard Touchdown Against the Buffalo Bills

Coming off a humiliating loss against the Philadelphia Eagles during week 14, it seemed as if the Miami Dolphins might have lost all of their momentum. They certainly had to face a few obstacles...

A Phinsider Play Breakdown: Anthony Fasano's Long Touchdown Against the Kansas City Chiefs

10 games, 11 months, 329 days. That's how long it's been since Miami won a regular season game. For months the Dolphins were being recognized as one of the worst teams in the NFL. Rumors of...

A Phinsider Play Breakdown: Reggie Bush's 35-Yard Run against the New York Giants

The story of the Dolphins season goes as follows: Give hope in the 1st and 2nd quarter, slowly diminish the role of playmaking in the 3rd quarter, and find the most creative way to lose in the...

A Phinsider Play Breakdown: Anthony Fasano's Touchdown against the Denver Broncos

A fan's breakdown of a key play from the Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins game - Anthony Fasano's touchdown reception.

A Phinsider Play Breakdown: Darrelle Revis' Pick Six Against Miami Dolphins

So far, the Miami Dolphins season has been defined by the expression "One step forward and 10 steps back." Last night, Miami scored a quick field goal in the opening quarter. On the ensuing...

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