Everyone knows that Ireland sucks... right?

I have been on the fence a lot on Ireland. Sure he made some awful picks, but he also made some decent picks too right? It wasn't until I looked at every single pick that he has made did I realize the awful truth for many Dolphins fans... He has been pretty good, if not amazing at retooling a very very bad roster that he inherited from a 1-15 team. He looks to me now, like a freaking genius... Lets look at his drafts after the jump...

Ireland's Drafts(brace yourself)

2008 draft-

Jake Long(elite LT), Philip Merling(contributed to the rotation until he was not resigned for cap reasons), Chad Henne(eh…average 2nd round QB), Kendall Langford(I wish we could have kept him, but cap space), Jalen Parmalee(currently still playing for the Jaguars), Donald Thomas(currently still playing for the Patriots), Lionel Dotson(played until 2011)… Not a bad draft if you think about it…

2009 draft-

Vontae Davis(a top 5 talent that we picked up with the 25th overall pick that never grew up and was eventually traded for a top 40 pick after everything we saw on Hard Knocks.. freaking brilliant), Pat White(I heard that this was a Parcells move, but either way.. so far that is one mistake.. he would have made a pretty talented WR if only he would have embraced that change), Sean Smith(still starting for us, and can be anywhere from serviceable to elite as I noted above), Patrick Turner(still playing for the Jets), Brian Hartline(all he does is make plays.. I don’t understand why people hate him), John Nalbone(still playing for the Cowboys), Chris Clemons(our starting FS, or SS.. not sure which), Andrew Gardner(still playing for the Texans), and JD Folsom(played until 2010, last played with the Bucs... can you call a 7th round pick a miss if he plays for 2 years?).

2010 draft-

Jared Odrick(very solid contributor on our front 7, which is one of the best front seven in the game), Koa Misi(has been playing some pretty good football this year), John Jerry(finally got himself into shape and is a big reason why the right side of the line is finally working), AJ Edds(currently playing with the Colts), Nolan Carroll(the reason we could trade Vontae Davis away was because the coaching staff felt he was playing really well), Reshad Jones(another starting Safety picked up in the 5th round), Chris McCoy(still playing for the Steelers), Austin Spitler(pretty solid backup when we have called on him, not bad for a 7th round pick).

2011 draft-

Mike Pouncey(possibly a pro bowl center), Daniel Thomas(we will see this year…), Clyde Gates(we cut him and the Jets picked him right up), Charles Clay(hopefully this year will tell... I am hoping he steps up and develops some chemistry with Tannehill), Frank Kearse(currently with the Panthers), and Jimmy Wilson(I love the way this kid hits.. and he was a 7th round pick… awesome).

2012 draft-

Ryan Tannehill(he looks like he could be the real deal), Jonathan Martin(another reason the right side of our O-line is working finally), Olivier Vernon(I really like this kid.. he is already starting to flash), Michael Egnew(I still have hope... I'm not worried the coaching staff was all over this kid... I would worry if they stopped correcting him), Lamar Miller(in the 4th round? are you serious? what a steal), Josh Kaddu(practice squad.. right?), BJ Cunningham(picked up by the Eagles), Keeston Randall(a solid backup on a very deep front 7), and Rishard Matthews(we will see if he gets in the mix this year or not).

Draft Wrap-up

How can you look at those drafts and say that the guy is no good at evaluating talent? How many of those guys that he drafted are no longer in the NFL? ANSWER: 2... but I would only call one a bust.

Sure he has missed on a few, but for the most part, I feel like the failure was not on the talent evaluation, but on the player development, which falls on the coaching. I feel like we have the right coaches in place finally, so how can we get rid of a guy that is almost a sure thing when it comes to bringing in NFL talent? I honestly did not realize how good he has been until I went and looked draft by draft and realized that most of his drafted players are still in the NFL.. that is a pretty amazing record if you ask me…

My only question is can he not only make the safe picks to provide depth, but can he take the chances you need to take to get those boom or bust players that turn you into a playoff contender for years. I look at 2 picks he made to say YES. The two picks I see are Vontae Davis, and Ryan Tannehill. Vontae like I sad before could have easily been a top 5 pick based on his raw talent. His only issue is and has always been his maturity. While I wish he had developed into the player we all know he is capable of being, and I would be sick if he turned into that player with another team... especially for Irsay.... I am not upset that we picked him.. I think it showed guts. I am also not upset that we got a high 2nd round pick for a backup CB. I think that was sheer brilliance on Ireland's part. I also look and see that while we got ups and downs with Vontae, he was elite at times for us, for the time that he was here, even if he had those momentary lapses that put games out of reach.

As far as Tannehill is concerned I think he hit the ball out of the park with this kid. I really believe that, but this year will tell. If he puts up decent numbers this year and keeps not throwing picks we have found our guy. I think even if he does throw picks this year with the amount of talent we have at WR, we have found our guy. As far as drafting goes, I think he got an A+.

"Ireland is bad with people", or "Ireland called Dez Bryant's mom a whore"

The Dez Bryant interview was genius. Dez Bryant is a moron. Ireland identified that. Dez Bryant was arrested at Club LIV during the offseason. How many times Dez Bryant would have been arrested at Club LIV if he actually lived in Miami? I have no problem with the question. Dez Bryant is currently being baby sat by the Cowboys. Glad we don't have that guy. Oh but the talent... who cares. Do you realize that Brian Hartline has put up better numbers than Dez Bryant so far this season, and he was a 4th round pick? Sometimes it is not worth it to take that ultra talented guy, and I am glad Ireland passed. I would also like to add, his mom is most likely a whore. And come on man... who does that to their mother? Probably someone whose father was a pimp and watched him slap women around... so his background does matter after all.

Ireland is a jerk so people don't want to come play in Miami.

First of all... RELAX PEOPLE!!

Ryan Clark didn't want to play here because of Ireland. I call Shenanigans on that. Ryan Clark had no intention of playing here. He got upset because he was trying to bid the Steelers up, but Ireland did not want to engage in the bidding because everyone knows there are physical limitations that cause his value to go down. Hey, it sucks... but it is reality. When you lose a playoff game to an 8-8 team, partly because your starting FS can't play in Mile High Stadium, it is something that drives that player's value down. BOO HOO ... its not fair that his handicap doesn't allow him to make the big bucks that other players with a similar skill set do, but it is life. I would much rather have a guy that is a big jerk, but doesn't saddle us with guys that have handicaps, than a guy that looks past an obvious handicap and is willing to pay premium price for a player that has holes in his game.

As far as Peyton Manning goes.. He lives in Miami. He is friends with the QB that he would be expected to replace in Dan Marino. No pressure there... and if you aren't playing at a Pro Bowl level everyone will hate you for it, and you still live in Miami. We also did not have the cap space to bring in Peyton Manning. We would have had to gut the team to bring him in here, and I am sure he would not have wanted to play for a team in those circumstances. He went to a team with a solid defense in place, some playmakers on offense and plenty of cap room to sign him. Could you imagine the outrage here in Miami by this time, if we had to cut half the team to sign him, and he had problems with throwing the ball like he has to this point? The Ireland crowd would not have only been after Ireland, but Manning too... but no worries, he would only be living here during the season... and the offseason. We expect a lot in Miami. There is a reason not to play here for that reason, if you aren't quite sure about your throwing arm.

So with that said... who is another free agent that we have missed on, and 30 other teams did not miss on as well. Which fired GM do you want to bring in here instead of Ireland? Bill Polian? Really? What did the Colts look like without Manning? I think that pretty much exposed the fact that most of the "talent" they had there was below average to really bad talent that looked OK because Peyton Manning was throwing them the ball. I honestly did not expect the defense to implode the way it did.... but I guess they were even made better by Manning, who forced teams to be one dimensional just to keep up with the Colts offense(aka Peyton Manning).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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