State of the Dolphins pt 3

Well a sceptical look at the week 3 that was and good and bad of each

1st of all we should have won the game but didnt so no need to cry over spilt milk period. That being said lets look at some things that happened and took place over the weekend that gives us some hope and concern.

1st the concern is Reggie, but the backups actually did decent in Thomas and Miller so that is handled I would think, the zone blocking scheme is coming together which is allowing running lanes for all the RBs in there. Next the offensive line did well, each week the sacks went down, thats a combo of Tann and the line.

Then we look at the WRs, still a major area of concern to me, as Tann tried to force the ball to Hartline 2 straight times in the redzone i can see that Hartline will be good between the red zones but in the endzone we need that WR with Height to go up and get the ball, why not go get Plax for one year unless we start calling more under routes where the WRs go in front of the CBs instead of corner fade routes. We have short WRs and should be used like that instead of fade routes in the back of the endzone unless we are going after a TE. please fix this JP..

The secondary, this is another area of concern, as that long pass to Holmes is what eventually did cost us the game, while I feel we are getting better at this area the thing is that its hard to have 2 good things going together, we have a top notch run defense which means teams are going to have to attack us through the air which mostly is going to be attacking us with TEs, all the DBs are solid but can be better and safeties need to be better help over the top.

but overall the play calling was a problem in some areas and think we all agree on that but at the same time thats because we need that WR to be the alpha here, I did like that with Hartline being covered Tann was able to hit Bess and Fasano and have the ball spread around showing he doesn't have to lock onto one person..

Now that being said, I am looking at the Green Bay games and even though we know what happened at the end of the game GB looks human and out of sorts, could this be because of their OC leaving and coming to MIA? I am hoping so, and in that aspect as each week goes on and the playbook gets opened up some I hope to see resemblences to GB offensively here but at the same time knowing we need to get that alpha WR.

And for everyone that keeps saying and talking about how Tann compares to the other rookies, with everyone else except possibly Weedon, they have better offensive weapons around them period. Wilson had Tate, Rice, Edwards at WRs and Lynch is a beast in the running game, RG3 has Moss, Garcon, Davis and a decent run game, Luck has Wayne and 2 other WRs that are solid (cannot think of their names now), Weedon has only really Massaquoi who honeslty I think is a solid WR but the offense didnt use him right before but he is solid, while Tann has a few #2 WRs, Bess is great in the slot and can be used as a Welker type underneath player if we use him as such, Hartline would be an excellent #2 WR if we had a beast #1, but the other teams have speed on their side and some Vets, thats the importance of Vets on young teams sometimes, they help the QB mature and help the young WRs, I wish we would go ahead and sign Plax really..

all in all i think we are headed down the right area but I would like to see Philbins offensive plays over Shermans because I don't really think they are the same, Philbins style I feel is a little more aggressive than what Sherman is calling, I hope this is not one of those situations that the OC is better suited as an OC and not a head coach, I dont think thats the problem but just keeping an eye out on that. LETS GO DOLPHINS...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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