SeminoleFinatic's Good, Bad, Ugly feat Playcall breakdown

Hey its been a while since I've done one of these posts..lets see if I still know how too.

So I was pretty much stunned by the end of the game everyone wants to bang on the playcalling and blame that on the reason we lost.. well lets take a statistical look at the play calling in the 2nd half.

3rd quarter - 13 Runs and 6 Passes at end of third quarter we lead 17-10

4th quarter - (Part 1) 3 Runs and 11 Passes Jets take lead.

(Part 2) 1 Run and 10 Passes Tannehill drives to to FG range DC $ ties game.

OT - 4 Runs and 3 Passes DC $ misses 48 yard FG. Jets Win.

So the glaring stat we see is the 4th quarter and its not the 2nd part (playing from behind) its the beginning of third quarter before Jets took the lead. Would like to have seen a more balanced attack however Sherman may have thought they're expecting us to run lets see if we can make a big play and seal this game.There was also a missed FG by DC $ somewhere in there. So playcalling wasn't god awful Pasqualoni bad lets be honest bad execution good defensive play by Jets and we lost no excuses. Hindsight is 20/20.

So now I can get to my real post....

The Good:

Many things I can go with here... Reggie (prior to going out of the game) had 60 yards before half.... Clemons had a huge interception and some big time tackles... Bess was a monster catching everything near him but i'm going with Ryan Tannehill... and why do you ask? I mean his numbers weren't anything to write home about 16-36 196 yards and a pick. He did something today that we've lacked for a while... not only did he take shots to the endzone and try to win but he drove us down the field for the opportunity to win (albeit by field goal) He commanded this team and he led this team and we should all feel good about the GOOD he does... the stats will come I love his poise, decision making, and athletic ability. He was worth the 8th round pick and cannot wait to see who we surround him with in the future.

The Bad:

Well.... should I go... Defensive backs? Well they played a decent game made a couple of plays, Refs? No that's to easy, How about Reggie Bush going down to Injury... It really deflated our offense and it didn't help that Thomas fumbled at the beginning of the third I think Sherman was really worried about how his play calling would work out with no Reggie... He's the Key component of this offense he makes the gears turn not blaming loss on him b/c Tannehill n co. gave us the shot to win...

The Ugly:

Which leads us to the ugly... had we won I would've banged on us not double covering the only guy that can catch for the Jets (Santonio). But unfortunetly I have to give it to DC$... I don't blame this loss SOLEY on him for it would take more than 1 miss to... oh wait... bad example.... but seriously the FG in OT we've seen him hit HOW MANY TIMES over the years???? Its a shame if he hits that FG what it would've done for Tannehill would've been great. I'm not saying we need to get rid of him.. It was just the ugliest part of the game had he made a FG he's made a ton of times before and a FG most NFL kickers make routinely no one says a word about Sherman's playcalling Tannehills shots at the endzone or lack of PI calls at those shots instead we're on cloud 9 and ESPN is clammoring for TEBOW TIME.

What's your good/bad/ugly thoughts on the playcalling? Lets remember guys we had our key offensive player out halfway through the game and still SHOULD"VE won. Lets hope this team puts this loss away and gets ready for a stout Arizona team get back to .500 and win 2 of next 3.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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