Stinking up the joint:Bush and his quest to lead the league in rushing

After my mighty Phins helped launch Tebow mania and the Phins lose there 6 game in a row. Starting the season 0-6 Bush would declare that the team stinks. Bell would responded that Bush stinks. After hearing what Bell said about him Bush would have to agree with Bell statement. "I do stink ,we all stink". he said.

From that point on Bush would take his game to another level. So it sames the rest of the team would also. The Phins would start the season 0-7, but won the next 3 in a row. Back to Bush for now. He would record his 1st 100 yard game. Rushing for 103 yards on 15 carries with a 6.9 avg. in a close lost to the eventual Superbowl Champion Gaints 20-17.

The following week Bush would only get 92 yards rushing on 13 carries 7.1 avg. and his 1st rushing TD as a Phin. This week the Phins get there 1st win. Totally dominating the Chiefs 31-3. Looks like he started to light a fire under the rest of the team.

Bush wouldn't rush for 100 yards the next 4 weeks, but the team would go 3-1. Winning the 1st 3 in a row. In the 3 wins the defense would give up 0 TD's. They only gave up 20 points( 6 FG's and a ST). The lost would come to the Cowgirls by only 1 point 20-19 on an last minute FG.

Bush would get his next 100 yard game in a win over the Raiders. He would rush for exactly 100 yards on 22 carries a 4.5 avg, the Phins would blowout the Raiders 34-14.

Bush would run for at least the next 3 weeks including 200+ in Buffallo. However the Phins would not win back to back games the rest of the season. But they also didn't lose back to back games either.

Bush would rush for 103 yard on 14 carries a 7.4 avg in a lost to Philly.

He would run over the Jills for 203 yards on 25 carries a 8.1 avg. We would beat them 30-23 in a game that really wasn't that close.

He would close the season in Foxboro against the Patcheats with 113 0n 22 carries a 5.1 avg . We would lose a close game 27-24 after leading 17-0 at the half.

Bush last 4 games of the season were great . He would finish with 519 on 83 carries a 6.2 avg . No RB would run for as many yards. In that time span.

Since Bush talk about how funky the team was only Skittles aka Marshawn Lynch has rushed for more yards then him last season. 879 to 854. Bush would avg 5.4 yards a carry his final 9 game and finished the season as the only back to avg at least 5 yards a carry.

Reggie cleaned up his act and it seems so did the of the team.

The defense allowed 23.7 points, 380.6 total yards 109.9 rush yards the 1st 7 games. The next 7 would be a different story allowing only 14.7 points, 297.7 total and only 73.3 rush yards.

Moore would have 1TD and 4 TNT's his 1st 4 games. He looked much better the next 7 he would have 11 TD to only 2 INT's.

The Phins would finish 6-3 washing off must off the stench of the 0-7 start.

This offseason Reggie stated he would like to lead the league in rushing. Most think or thought this was not possible. But why can't he.

The 1st game against the Texans Bush ran for 69 yards on14 carries a 4.9 avg. I believe Reggie would've gotten his 6 straight 100 yard game if not for awful 6+ minutes at the end of the 2nd quarter. That put us down 21 points. Bush also would catch 6 passes for 46 giving over 100 yards from scrimmage.

Bush would have another great game at home vs the Raiders. He ran for 172 yards on 26 carries a 6.6 avg with 2TD's. Reggie is the only Phin to ever have 6 start games of more then 100 yards from scrimmage. At the moment his 241 yards are only 2nd to C J Spillers 292. Bush is averaging 6 yards a carry this season.

Over his last 11 games(since Bush has cleaned himself off) Bush has 1095 yards on 196 carries a 5.5 avg. That's also an average of 99.5 yards a game. All in all if Reggie stays healthy I can see him with the rushing tittle.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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