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Sep 16, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) carries the ball against the Oakland Raiders at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders 35-13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE


Presented by BSerious72, so if you have any beef with the rankings you have to go through ME :)


  1. 49ers (2-0, +1) - Is there a more complete team in the NFL?
  2. Falcons (2-0, +3)- Beating the Chiefs in KC and the Broncos gets them the #2 spot. Mike Nolan's D creates turnovers.
  3. Texans (2-0, +1)- This team should be AFC's top seed if they stay healthy.
  4. Packers (1-1, +2)- Not sure if Packers pressure is THAT good or Chicago line is THAT bad.
  5. Eagles (2-0, +6)- Sealed a pair of 1 point wins and have 9 turnovers. Yet, the Eagles sit atop the NFC East at 2-0.
  6. Ravens (1-1, -3)- Joe Flacco is showing shades of ELITE. If he can put it all together for four quarters then Baltimore might be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl
  7. Patriots (1-1, -6)- Raise your hand if you thought New England would lose to the Cardinals at home?
  8. Giants (1-1, +2)- Yes, Eli can still terrorize defenses, but what happened to 2011's best pass rush?
  9. Broncos (1-1, -2)- It's still appears Peyton is not there yet, but this defense should give them the division.
  10. Steelers (1-1, +2)- Pittsburgh needed that big game against the Jets. Their defense is still tough.


11. Chargers (2-0, +5)- Beat two teams that are currently winless. They beat Atlanta on Sunday and they make it to the top 10.

12. Lions (1-1, +1)- Won’t be the last solid team that gets shut down by the Niners defense.

13. Bears (1-1, -5)- Maybe instead of trading for Brandon Marshall, they could have traded for an offensive line.

14. Cardinals (2-0, +9)- May not be giving Arizona enough credit after winning against Seattle and IN New England. Then again, look at their QB situation.

15. Cowboys (1-1, -6)- Came down to earth in a big way. The Cowboys lack the mental toughness to put it all together.

16. Seahawks (1-1, +8)- Still like this team as a dark horse team in the NFC. We saw what they are capable of Sunday.

17. Bengals (1-1, -- )- If only they could play the Browns every week they would make the playoffs again.

18. Panthers (1-1, +4)- Fully expected Cam to dethrone the Saints at home. If he lights up the Giants this week then this team could get in a deadly rhythm.

19. Redskins (1-1, -5)- Can’t blame RGIII for losing to the Rams, but these are the games they need to win before the climb to the NFC East title is out of reach.

20. Buccaneers (1-1, -1)- Schiano’s defense looked unstoppable. That was until Eli turned up his A-game.

21. Dolphins (1-1, +10)- If the Dolphins play every game like they did Sunday they’ll rise to the top 10 by midseason.

22. Jets (1-1, -4)- This is a completely different team without Darelle Revis. Weaker mentally AND physically.

23. Bills (1-1, +2)- Bills got a big win in Kansas City. Fitzpatrick desperately needs to play more consistently.

24. Rams (1-1, +4)- The Rams showed Sunday that this will not be their last upset of the year.

25. Saints (0-2, -10)- Talk about a freefall. The 0-2 Saints are giving up the most yards of any team in the league. If there was only an incentive to motivate them….

26. Colts (1-1, +4)- Andrew Luck looked like a number one pick Sunday. Can he keep it up?

27. Vikings (1-1, -- )- The Vikings should compete with a lot of teams but are still many pieces away from being a contender.

28. Titans (0-2, -2)- Yes, the Titans lost to New England and San Diego, but they need Chris Johnson to be CJ2K and not CJ300orso

29. Raiders (0-2, -8)- Matt Barkley might end up staying in California.

30. Chiefs (0-2, -10)- Yuck. Injuries aside, the Chiefs are lucky the Saints are in the league because they would be the most disappointing 0-2 team so far.

31. Browns (0-2, +1)- Weeden and Richardson are showing promise, but the Browns look like a lock for 4th in the AFC North.

32. Jaguars (0-2, -3)- A team with Maurice Jones Drew and that’s about it.

The biggest jumps: Miami (+10), Cardinals (+9), Seahawks (+8)

The biggest falls: Chiefs (-10), Saints (-10), Raiders (-8)

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