Miami Dolphins Practice Squad Projection

The Miami Dolphins released Josh Kaddu yesterday to make waiver wire room. Could the team bring the linebacker back today on the practice squad?

The Miami Dolphins have yet to release the 2012 practice squad roster, despite players being able to be signed to the squad as of noon yesterday. Even if the team was waiting until the 4pm start time to sign other team's cuts to a practice squad, Miami is one of the few franchises to not have announced their practice squad already.

The Buffalo Bills and Washington Redkins are the only two other teams to not have announced at least one member of the squad.

A couple of the players thought to be headed to the practice squad were claimed off waivers by other teams. Isaako Aaitui headed north to the New York Jets, while the Philadelphia Eagles signed wide receiver B.J. Cunningham to their practice squad.

Although the Dolphins have not officially announced it, and no media outlet is reporting it, nor is it on's practice squad tracker, one player spilled the beans last night, announcing it himself that he had signed with Miami.

That leaves seven slots still to be filled.

I will stick with my predictions from yesterday as best I can, with McDonald being joined by tight end Les Brown, wide receiver Jeff Fuller, wide receiver Chris Hogan, defensive tackle Chas Alecxih, and safety Anderson Russel. But, with Cunningham and Aaitui gone, that still leaves me with two spots to fill.

The first of those empty spots will probably go to Josh Kaddu. The rookie linebacker was cut yesterday when the team acquired Sammy Brown off the waiver wire. While the fact that Kaddu, a fifth round pick, was cut for an undrafted free agent who was waived by another team cannot be seen as a positive for Kaddu, the coaches seem to like Kaddu. He should be able to rejoin the team on the practice squad, continuing his development with the Dolphins.

The other player released yesterday who is eligible for the practice squad is Jonathan Freeny, another linebacker. However, I don't see the Dolphins bringing him back.

The final slot could be used to grab someone from another team's cuts, but I am going to turn to one of the two major areas of concern for the Dolphins. Since there are already two wide receivers in my projection, I will use the last spot for a defensive back, Vince Agnew. The Dolphins need to continue to develop their secondary, and Agnew could continue that development with a year on the practice squad.

Of course, if the Dolphins were to turn outside the players they cut, Agnew is probably the first one off the practice squad.

Who do you think I forgot about? Is there a target from another team the Dolphins should sign to the practice squad? Let us know in the comments below.

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