Thoughts from section 428.... Raiders

There were a lot of Raiders fans at the game. For the most part they were, well annoying, but at least civil. There were however some altercations that took the police to break up. I can't wait to bring my kids next week to the Jets game. The place was fairly full, although there was plenty of room for some Phinsiders.... just saying...

The offensive line dominated. They were owning the Raiders D-line. I really think that Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller fit in perfectly with the West Coast style of offense, especially running behind our O-line. Not only do we have the ability to pound the defense with our O-linemen, but we can also hit a homerun at any time. I hope Daniel Thomas doesn't rush back from the concussion and we get to see what these 2 can do together.

Reggie Bush was ridiculous. Can you believe we got him for a 6th round pick? All of you Fire Ireland fans, or "Fireland" fans, take notice. Joe Philbin has never had this much talent at the RB position. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. Imagine what Philbin can do even with our WRs if they have to start stacking the box to stop Reggie Bush? Then again.. this isn't Ronnie Brown... maybe stacking the box is exactly what we want you to do... Go ahead... give him the corner... Then you throw in the playaction because CBs will have to worry about the outside runs...

I was a little bit let down.... At some point, I wanted to see them throw the ball to Lane again... just to punish the defense. Hopefully we are saving some of that for the Jets next week... maybe for Bart Scott? Or better yet... Revis?

The defense was showing a lot of respect to Hartline, that we as fans don't. We all say that guy can't go deep... But I saw them backing off him and giving him lots of real estate allowing for some underneath stuff. I feel like he , "I will give him short passes all day long, but I definitely don't want to get beat deep by a white guy." respect. Anytime you hear the phrases "elusive speed", "deceptively fast", or words like "crafty" you can be sure it is aimed at a white guy.

So Hartline isn't a true #1 WR like a Randy Moss... How many teams out there have that guy? We do not have Calvin Johnson. It sucks... we all know that. MOVE ON. I am hoping that once Armstrong gets a few weeks in the system for him to take over for Naanee, and hopefully we will have 3 legitimate #2 WRs. I would be pretty happy with 3 #2 WRs in this offense. Next year we can go after a #1 WR to pair with all the #2s we have.

I was pretty concerned with our defense losing contain on that 65 yard run.. But I am glad they tightened it down after that for the most part. We did however put that on tape. Hopefully the Jets don't have anyone that can break contain like that... I expect to see Sparano try a few end arounds next week to guys like Clyde Gates or ... we know he loves that sort of stuff.

Speaking of the Jets... what has their first round pick done? Has Quinton Coples done what everyone who wanted him thought he would do? Olivier Vernon has looked pretty good in his limited time. He has almost as many tackles as Coples(2 tackles vs. 1 tackle). I would also add in the special teams tackle Vernon had yesterday which they rekicked, since he is still probably going to get fined like it happened.. so I would say they are tied... And we got him in the 3rd round. Also, both the Patriots first round picks have 10 tackles each... but they still lost yesterday(doesn't that bring a little more sunshine to your day?)

The Patriots are 1-1... just like we are. and so are the Jets... and so are the Bills. I heard a radio announcer say that we control our own destiny. Call me the eternal optimist, but... why not this year? If we can get some help with our running game... If our defense gets more comfortable in the 4-3, Armstrong can come along and learn the offense, and be a contributor... If Bush and Long, and the rest of the team can stay healthy... Why couldn't we make the playoffs this year? Tom Brady can't dominate the AFC East forever. If Tannehill keeps improving, and he has a great defense and great running game... can't he win without a #1 WR?

On a personal note, my whole family got their throwback hats... They even gave one to my 1 yr old, who didn't have to pay for a ticket. We didn't see any extra in the stands after the game though. There were quite a few Raiders fans who were taking the hats and hiding them in their bags so they could sell them(ashamed to be taking something with the Dolphins logo on it). All 5 of my kids can say they were there for Ryan Tannehill's first TD run, and first TD pass. They all have a throwback hat, from back when their grandfather watched that 1972 perfect season(I wasn't alive then). I learned that my 2 year old does not really pay attention to the game, so I probably won't be taking to him to any more games this year... But then again... he was getting into it a little bit... I love to hear him sing the Miami Dolphins song.... or chant with the rest of the stadium, "REGGIE. REGGIE. REGGIE.' My four year old however, watched every moment. I am working on him to convince him that his favorite QB is actually Ryan Tannehill and not Pat Devlin.... so hopefully Tannehill will throw a lot more touchdowns and he will forget about that 3rd string QB from the preseason practices. I have to remember to take pictures and post them... I am always forgetting to do that... And maybe a video of my 2 year old singing the Miami Dolphins song....

I almost forgot... I parked in the Orange Section, and we did tailgating for the first time. I realized that we need more time to tailgate, if I insist on cooking on charcoal and not propane. We did hot dogs(I only do Nathan's), because they are simple and we wanted to do simple for our first game. It started raining before the game, and while we had ponchos for everyone, we were still looking around at all the canopies and thinking how nice it would be to have one... oh well... next week... There were a bunch of Miami Dolphins canopies... We will probably have to hit a Walmart in Miami to find one of those though, because they don't have those in Orlando.

My wife went to get water, and came back with a TD backpack. My little ones love it, as expected...They call the backpack "baby TD" and I heard them talking about it this morning when they woke up. Even my 1 year old smiles when he sees it.

Here is a pic of the last preseason home game with my 1 year old. I will have to remember to take more pictures next game... lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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