State of the Dolphins pt 2...

Well this is part 2 of my previous State of the Dolphins post..

I was real excited about this game because I knew we were going to win and even had a small friendly wager with some people about this game, while Oak looked decent last week defensively we did as well against a better team that everyone states is a choice to go to the bowl..

that being said, like I was stating in my previous post our o line is ok, we may not be top notch but we are good enough to do what is needed in this offensive system being that we are learning a new scheme, zone blocking, which will help overall in the future. IMHO.

My main area of concern was the WR position as I felt and still feel like Bess is not a #1 WR but a slot, I DID also feel Hartline was a #2 WR as well but today (maybe its the system for him) Hartline showed that he could be that #1 possibly in our system, he was turning and catching the ball, in the air, while the DBs were looking the other way and making the wide open catches that we need from WRs. Now RT17 was throwing to him more than any other WR but it proved to be the right choice, but the time will come he will have to mix it to others and I hope he will be able to do that well but from What it seems currently we can be moving forward, our next 5-6 games are winnable by us and I can see us being possibly 6-3 through these first 9 games

Passing game opened up the run and the run opened up the pass, we stayed on the field and let the D rest and SHUT down "Run DMC" (really he didnt run) but that was a thing of beauty today. If we can start a little better in the 1st half we should be steady from here on out

I think we really have found our Coach with this system, I had been watching GB to see if the loss of JP would affect them or not and regardless of that win the got against Chi they did look out of it somewhat without JP being there in their 1st 2 games so it might be something that he is not there and they are struggling somewhat, kind of like NO currently. If that is the case then full speed ahead JP and god speed with you and the Miami Dolphins and possibly returning them to greatness that has almost been forgotten in the Dolphins.

That being said, I think we still might need to find that #2 WR and move Bess back to the slot, if Hartline is 6'1, then find a #2 thats about 6'3 or so, possession WR to keep things Honest, also what is the deal with Armstrong? He is the speedster (supposed to be) and he was inactive, I am interested in seeing how he would be on the field along with Rishard (spelling??)


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