Dear Joe

Well Joe congrats on your 1st head coach position, you seem to be intelligent, honest hard working and have lots of coaching experience. All great qualities and reasons why Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland scooped you up to bring our beloved dolphins back to the winning side of the NFL.

Now all the bag licking is out of the way, PLEASE show me, TELL me or give us some sort of hope that your the guy that can bring respect, a winning attitude and the playoffs back to a once storied franchise. As you must know by now us loyal fans are hungry for some winning mixed in with some last minute drives to push us to a win and the odd blow out doesn't hurt either. We've endured some long years lately, I'm not researching it all but just by memory a let s have a quick look.

Jimmy Johnson comes to town, pushes out our best QB ever and begins his re-build, and it was fun for a bit, what a bunch of great drafts, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, just great defenses we had hope. we started to believe that it won't be long and were back in the show, but to no avail it just didn't work. Along comes Dave Wannestadt, same philosophy, but hope, mix in a few new pieces and maybe the show will come back to Miami again. Dave was close but couldn't close the deal, then the wheels really began to fall off and it seems we cannot fix the flat.

Not including interim coaches, along comes Nick Saban, the brightest coach in the college ranks, our owner spends no time or even thinks about cost, lets get him they say. Well what a nightmare, he sees he cannot bully men and runs back to bullying boys. Amazed really he never got beat up, but thats another story. Then Cam Cameron, an offensive genius they say, but again cannot control a group of men. Both these morons set our franchise back years and it just kept getting tougher to watch. Maybe some of my fellow Phinsiders can add in some of the idiot moves these 2 made, not enough time or patience to start that list.

Then Bill Parcells is going to save the day, lets get BIG and FAT, brings in your new buddy Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano, after a 1-15 year we all realize it's re-build time AGAIN, but we may be closer than we think, then WOW we make the playoffs 11-5, we believe were climbing back into the upper echelon, then bam back to losing the tough ones, the easy ones and no playoffs. Bill leaves(thanks Bill), Sparano hangs on but cannot make the right choices either, bam he's gone, BUT Ireland stays hum makes you wonder.

Now you come along, and it leaves us die hards to wonder what is the vision, is it your vision or Irelands, alot of strange moves have happened and most of them trying to fix Irelands previous decision, AGAIN HUM. Keep in mind Joe, if this goes south this year with a fairly easy schedule Ireland is out and the next GM may want his own coach and that scares us, as we'll be left again to watch another attempt to bring our dolphins back to glory. Were a proud fan base, we've been through alot and cant take anymore, the loyalists will always be here and guess what we deserve better and demand it. If you turn this around watch the closet fans come out, there is tons of them, you'll be honored weekly and loved always, hell you may also get a statue some day.

One last point that has been driving me crazy, we read alot about how Joe Philbin and the dolphins do not want bad character players and that's a good thing, BUT I beleive your job is something like mine, when you are in charge of men it includes many personalties and that means dealing with those personalities good or bad. I know there is times when they gotta go but make sure you've hired his replacement before he gets the pick slip, and even sometimes by just hiring his replacement can make that bad apple come around. Just because they may cause some grief doesn't mean you can't keep them under control, it's your job, it takes all kinds of personalites to make the world go around.

Can you guys give Joe some references to some bad decisons that have happened around here over the years, maybe he'll be able to learn form those and we'll all prosper

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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