Miami Dolphins Rumors: Could the Dolphins Essentially Trade Vontae Davis for Greg Jennings?

The Packers showed in Thursday Night's victory over Chicago that they may be able to still live without Greg Jennings. Should Miami try to trade for him?

Before I begin, I already know what you’re thinking…

Umm… WHAT?

The lack of identity from any Miami receivers has been an issue since Hard Knocks, when GM Jeff Ireland openly admitted that as far as the receiver position goes, we have a handful of "threes and fours" but are still looking for "ones and twos". Miami shipped out their most talented receiver for a pair of third round picks this offseason, and since then, fans (including myself) have come up with all sorts of speculations and ideas to try and find a suitable replacement. It would seem that considering the season has already started, acquiring any big name receiver at this point seems quite unlikely.

However, that talk has yet again picked up, and recent comments by Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have started a fire from an intriguing idea; is there a chance that Packers receiver Greg Jennings lands in Miami?

See McGinn’s comments after the jump…

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel believes the Packers would be "wise" to shop contract-year receiver Greg Jennings ahead of October's trade deadline.
McGinn is perhaps the most respected beat writer in the country, and we wouldn't be at all surprised if GM Ted Thompson read his every written word. McGinn is "convinced" 2012 is Jennings' final year in Green Bay, and he'd fetch far more via trade than James Jones or Donald Driver. Per McGinn, extension talks with Jennings' agent have "gone nowhere," and "bringing back Jennings just isn't in the cards." McGinn suggests Jennings may target Larry Fitzgerald money ($16.1M annually), a figure the Packers can't afford. They might be able to get a high second-round pick from a receiver-desperate team like the Dolphins.

Hmm… if McGinn is just trying to fire up Dolphins fans, I'd say it’s probably working. For the last decade, Miami fans have been praying to the gods for a legitimate receiver, and Brandon Marshall’s two years in teal and coral seemed like a giant tease in the grand scheme of things.

Jennings has definitely benefited by good QB play, however his production could likely be matched elsewhere, especially in a place like Miami where he would undoubtedly be the main go-to guy. Here are 5 reasons why I believe this may be a great fit.

  1. Tannehill needs a receiver to grow with. I'm not getting into a Jeff Ireland rant here, but my main beef with Ireland is that he fielded Tannehill with a below average supporting cast. How are we supposed to get a fair evaluation of our rookie QB if he has no help? Bess and Bush are great safety valves, but neither are legitimate number 1 receivers. Jennings can be that guy. Having a reliable #1 is likely to lessen the pressure on a rookie QB and should even make it easier to find other options down the field. Look at Matt Stafford's progression and how it has been accelerated by the presence of Calvin Johnson. Jennings will get a chance to be the indisputable number one in Miami and get plenty of opportunities to put up league-leading numbers.
  2. Jennings is young. Sure, a solid season for Chad Johnson would have been great, and signing a Braylon Edwards or Randy Moss could have been a decent move for Miami, but these aging receivers would be nothing short of a stop gap for this rebuilding team. Jennings turns 29 in a week and still has plenty of football left in him. Having a receiver for more than a one-year project will help a young QB's progression and maturity.
  3. Coach Joe Philbin. It only helps when you get traded to a team with its head coach being your former offensive coordinator. This could be Jennings' ticket to the club and you would have to think that if Philbin approves a move like this that he has confidence that it would be a great fit.
  4. Good value. Jennings is a number one receiver, but due to his expiring contract and the other seemingly "replaceable" options in Green Bay, Jennings could be brought to a new team for pennies on the dollar. Green Bay might be looking to deal him before this year's deadline to recooperate some value before he is lost in free agency in 2013. Not only can he possibly be brought in for good value, but when it comes time to re-sign him to his next contract, there is a chance he won't demand Brandon Marshall/Mike Wallace/Vincent Jackson money. Jennings could ultimately have similar and/or better production than those guys, and still be paid less.
  5. One less hole in the draft. If Jennings comes to Miami it would likely be via draft pick, and although it might be a higher draft pick than Miami would like to part ways with, we all know that it is impossible to get a "proven" NFL player in the draft without risks or a ‘bust' potential. I still think even if Miami addressed the WR by getting an elite talent like Jennings, they would look to upgrade the WR spot with a high pick in April's draft. It's pure speculation, but can you imagine the upgrade if Miami fielded next year with a quartet of Greg Jennings-Keenan Allen- Davone Bess-Brian Hartline?

In summation, this brings me back to the Vontae Davis trade a month ago. Miami received a second round pick from Indy in exchange to Davis. Judging by the Colts projected record, this will ‘likely’ be a top 45 pick. Pair that idea with McCann’s suggestion that a high second round pick could be enough to seal the deal… Could Miami flip Indy’s second round pick to snag Jennings prior to the trade deadline?

Do you think this would be a good move? Should Ireland start working the phone and take Ted Thompson out to dinner? Obviously, this is all unlikely because nobody even knows if Jennings would like to go from a super bowl caliber team to a rebuilding one. However, Miami does have the possibility of having a future ELITE signal-caller on roster, and Jennings may be looking for a fresh start. The 5 reasons on the above may make this more likely than just another "dream-scenario".

Sound off below in the comments, and make sure to vote for what you think would be the most wise long-term solution to bringing back a dynasty to South Beach.

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