Ireland has awful Handwriting!!

Sorry about the heading but I did not think the moderator would post what I really wanted to write about Ireland!

Aside from not liking his persoanlity, more importantly, I have no confidence in his ability evaluate NFL talent. His mickey mouse approach in running The Dolphins has no place in a winning NFL franchise. We will never ever win with Ireland at the helm! When do we ever get to play for this year?

We finished last year playing as well as any team that was headed to the playoffs! How can we now be back in such a re-building mode??? I would take last year’s 2nd half team along with our rookie QB , and I think we would be a 10 win or better team. What the heck was the point of NOT sucking for Luck if we were just going to strip our team down anyway? Why are we lplaying for next year, yet again, when we could have and should started that last year if this was the plan? Is anyone else tired of playing for next year?

Our 1-15 year was rock bottom as a fan. Miraculously we go from worst to first…now we are back to worst again?? Don’t tell me it is only 1 week so far. We simply do not have enough talent to compete. This is 100% squarely on the shoulders of Ireland.

We are not in the midst of another hopeless season because we have a rookie QB. Unless T-hill has a few NFL caliber WRs who can get open and fight for the ball, he has no chance to develop. We do have a possesion WR and one playmaker on offense with Bush. That is it.

Our O-line is solid enough. How can Ireland take 3 of our more athletically gifted play makers and NOT replace ANY of them??? Marshall doesn't fit your system? First why? Who can't use that kind of talent? At least he commands attention from the defense and makes other better by doing so. Support your young QB and give him some talent.

Lets give Ireland the undeserved benefit of the doubt that trading Marshall was a good move and reasonable value,FINE, I will concede the point.....but only IF you try to replace his production?! Develop someone, sign someone, trade for someone for christsakes!!! You can’t run your franchise from the undrafted pool of players at the skill position every year! Ireland, with his sparkling personality, stated that WE only have 4s 5s &6's-- YOu said it yourself Ireland, so sign someone, trade some of your 3rd rounders for some talent. This is a passing league! Why haven't you done something? Giving up on Vontae? Fine can you bring in some talent in return? Finished with Yeremiah Bell? WHY?! Dude was our leading tackler, a great locker roon guy and mentor for our young team. What did you do with that cap space from Bell? Did you use it to sign a WR???

Ireland/ Ross you owe the fans and the quality players we do have so much more then you have given!

Mr Ross, Please fire Ireland. He has failed at his job.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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