Don't be alarmed by what you saw from our Fins on sunday, remember it, but don't be alarmed, at least not yet.

Progress is what we are looking for this season, this team progressing, regardless of talent, it's the talent we have, we have to progress with it, at least for this year.

The important thing is what type of progress we make, new HC, OC, and DC, and they brought new Os and Ds, that are far removed from the previous systems, adding to that, the HC and DC are holding those positions for the first time, add to that a large turnover in personnel, that include 11 rookies, one of whom is starting at the most important position on the field. Noooowww you don't have to be the Finsterious Finologist to come to the conclusion that there could possibly maybe, be a chance, in all the swirling possibilities of the universe, that we just might have some growing pains, again what's important is how we progress as a team, considering those things.

I called in on the 4th or 5th podcast I think, talked to Kevin and Keith about this very same thing, basically cautioning people to have patience with this, as close to an expansion team as it gets, team. At the time we weren't thinking rookie QB, but new systems can be tough enough on their own, especially when they are so far removed from the previous systems. Also that anyone in their 1st year, as in our HC,DC and now QB, should be given some leeway.

So lets analyze the game, Tanne looked the same as he did in preseason, which is a good thing, his level didn't drop imo, the results were worse but we are playing full speed now and he has to play 60 mins against starters, preseason is over. Tanne is also a victim of circumstance at the moment, no one was expecting much from the rookie this year so when he wasn't clueless we made a big deal about it, he was doing great based on expectations, but he wasn't playing great, he was only OK, which isn't what wins in the NFL, he's learning, lets see how he progresses as he learns on the job.

The WRs are a concern, Bess is the only reliable target, Hartline will usually give you a couple nice plays but thats usually it, this will obviously make it tougher for Tanne, and the run game, Bush looks good but isn't reliable between the tackles, I hope Thomas can stay healthy and show some more of what he started to show in that game. The progress of Martin will be a big factor in how well we will be able to move the ball, C to LT is a strength, TE is weak with no real depth at all as Clay isn't a true TE.



Rostercardsstarks_medium Rostercardmcdaniel_medium

DT is the strongest position on the team, we might just have one of the best starting tandems in the league, with McDaniel coming off the bench that is a great 1, 2, 3 punch at that position, I think Soliai and Starks are both better suited as 4-3 DTs, they were both beasts on sunday. Wake needs some help from the other side. Our LBs can't cover TEs, new system, same problem, and no Bell to erroneously blame it on, that needs to be fixed, I would move Misi to MLB and kick Dansby outside, he's played the position before and Misi is a more instinctive LB imo. The secondary is a work in progress and it's inconsistent, with Coyle there I would hope he can get them to gel as they progress.

Special teams were great, good coverage, kicker, punter and we may have finally found a dangerous returner, all in all you can't be too disappointed with the performance considering all things, but the measure of an organization is how they progress, like the old adage "if your not getting better, your getting worse", so lets see how the team progresses as the season wears on, then we can measure how well our new guys are doing.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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