Houston's Second Quarter: Gift Wrapped by Miami and Other Observations

I have written prior to the season of my undying optimism for this team and I will not fail you now. After all, even my optimistic outlook (One Reason why 5 Reasons to be Positive) consented this loss to Houston. I have read the analysis of both Dolphin and Texans players and feel for the most part, their outlooks have merit, but as a stat guy, I want to take a closer look at our abysmal second quarter.

Here's what I note: Three Picks and A Fumble = 24 "Gift-wrapped" points for the Texans.

First T/O Interception : Pass thrown to Naanee.

Result: Texan Field Goal

Gifted wrapped Field Position: MIA 14

Resulting Score: 3-3

I think two more observations are noteworthy here. 1. Pouncey was flagged for Unnecessary Roughness. My assertion is that this was clearly a sign of Pouncey's frustration at the pick, but my feeling is that it was a more of a problem for Pouncey with Naanee (than Tannehill) not being more aggressive coming to the ball (to prevent the pick). 2. Despite the gift wrapped field position at the MIA 14, Houston could not get the ball into the end zone. This is a sign, not only of a very worthy defense (as many Houstons fans noted) but also a sign of a very pissed off defense, maybe conveying more of Pouncey's frustration with Naanee.

Second T/O Interception: Pass thrown for Naanee.

Result: Texan Touchdown

Gift wrapped Field Position: HOU 44

Resulting Score: 10-3

Now granted this ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage, but there is a lot to be said for receivers creating a passing lane for a QB under pressure here. Naanee may very well have caught these if he read what was happening (with the QB) and came back to the ball. How can anyone designated as a # 1 receiver in this league not know this? To Naanee I simply say : Child Please !

Naanee's performance in this game leaves me with one conclusion: Give Matthews a go.

Third T/O Interception: Pass thrown to Hartline

Result: Texan Touchdown

Gifted Wrapped Field Position: MIA 27

Resulting Score: 17-3

This is of particular interest to me. Hartline led the stat line with 3 catches for 50 yards. This third pick was again tipped at the line of scrimmage and intercepted. Most will forgive Tannehill for this provided he improves soon, but looking off receivers seems like such a basic thing QB's learn early in their development. The speed of the NFL is something college QB's need to learn to adjust to quickly. The closer look reveals that Hartline was thrown to 9 times in this game, yet caught 3. One of these 9 times was the pick. In terms of stat percentages, Hartline caught 33% of the balls thrown to him. For a so-called #1 receiver.....This is clearly NOT good Enough! While I consent some room to Hartline as his preseason play was limited at best, I also fully expect that type of performance to change for the better FAST.

Fourth T/O Fumble:

Result: Texan Touchdown

Gifted Wrapped Field Position: MIA 31

Resulting Score: 24-3

My only thoughts here is that Thomas is not badly injured.

Any football fan knows that turning the ball over (more than your opponent) usually leads to a loss and giving the ball up on your side of the field is often disastrous. There is little worse for a player than to know that a loss was an example more of his team beating itself, than of being beaten by an opponent, and this was clearly the case in this game. No team likes the way that feels and I presume Oakland will feel that (from Miami, Mike Pouncey and Javorskie Lane) next week. Bob Griese noted that Tannehill didn't make any "foolish" mistakes and that's good enough for me for now. It is certainly worth wondering how four less turnovers in the second quarter may have influenced this game. Time will tell.

In closing, I send my Houston game balls to Koa Misi, Cam Wake, and Javorskie Lane. A bruising FB who can catch (out of the backfield) is perfect for the WCO and this team. Our Defense (less the Secondary) was our shining moment in Game 1. We can build on that. Now it's time to bring the pain to Oakland.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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