My 2 Cents

So im back in South Florida and i've been allowing my mind to be inundated with crappy talk radio all day long. Its getting really tiresome hearing Joe Rose, Dan Selio and the like bag on the Phins over and over. They don't like Philbin. They still complain about the Brandon Marshall trade constantly. They think the Vontae Davis trade was a big mistake. Ireland can't draft, Philbin has no balls when talking to players. Apparently Ross has never spent money on a player....Dansby comes to mind. But i digress.

What i really want to touch on is the wide receiver situation and the stock piling of draft picks. Are we rebuilding? Yeah, sure. I would have to say we are. And whats wrong with that? We have a coach who is putting his print on the crime scene. People are just irritated because it feels so familiar. Even i'll admit, its a little Cam Camron-eque.

I'm not here to make any judgement on Philbin. The guy hasn't even coached ONE game yet. Not one game people. We have not seen this team compete in a meaningful NFL game. Not once. Its coming. I think it will be a slow start. I think there will be lots of growing pains, up and downs, etc. Remember, Philbin is learning too. He is growing professionally. His job is basically OJT at this point.

On to receivers, everyone is upset that we don't have a face on the core. We don't have that big #1 draft pick. We haven't traded 2 second rounds picks for Mike wallace. We haven't thrown our draft at Dwayne Bowe. Get off the ledge and think about it folks. Why, why in the hell would we do any of that.

Take a quick look at Green Bays "Studs" and just where there were found:

Greg Jennings- 2nd round 52nd overall

Jordy Nelson- 2nd round 36th overall

Donald Driver- 7th SEVENTH round 213th overall

James Jones- 3rd round 78th overall

I don't see too many sexy, big move, make or break draft picks there. Do you? What did we get for Davis (seriously im not sure) a 2nd and a 6th? That's potentially a Greg Jennings and a Donald Driver in exchange for one fat CB. Now i know what you're saying, "Ireland could never find talent like that". Which brings us to our next issue....

I really believe that talent is developed, nurtured and given a chance to grow. The Ireland draft dilemma has been compounded over the last couple years by Tony Sparanos unwillingness to develop players. Sure Ireland hasn't done a superb job but on the other side of that coin, Sparano never really took a chance on a low draft pick/ udfa. Wallace looked pretty darn good in the first preseason game. I know he's been on the roster for a couple years, why has he never gotten the reps? Moore broke one to the house against Oakland a few years ago. Looked pretty promising, then what? We never see him again.

I think Philbin is going to give these types of guys a chance. I think we will be able to develop talent from all over the draft. Alot of people aren't too high on the coach because of he quiet demeanor. I say, so what? Look at Bellicheck, whens the last time you saw him completely fired up and cursing a player out? Actions speak much louder than words, Phinsiders. Philbin has already made some big statements. The popular thinking is now that he can't handle a big personality player: Chad Johnson, Brandon Marshall. Thats not the case. He just doesnt want to deal with their antic and knows that the talent we need is all around us.

Like i said before, im not passing judgement on anything coach does until we have a body of work to look at. Nobody wants to be the training camp champions. I could care less how great we look in July and August. Lets talk in December.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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