Are We Still Going To Blame Bill Parcells? Updated ...

Since no one else seems to want to say it, I will: Why hasn't Jeff Ireland, the GM who is responsible for getting players for the coaching staff, gotten any blame for the absolutely miserable play of the WR's and TE's?

The entire league knew going into the season how poor the WR corp was. Many publications ranked the unit last in the league. Yet no one is calling out Ireland. He seems to be getting a pass, yet again, for his failures as a GM. The WR (and TE) corp that Miami put on the field yesterday was a travesty. There performance was a travesty and not worthy of the NFL. And that falls on the GM, Ireland. It seems that some of the national media is finally about ready to call out Ireland for Miami's lack of talent.

Here are a couple quotes from Jason La Canfora's must read article:

"Fact is, no quarterback would prosper here given this assemblage of "skill players," with Miami's collective a bevy of possession guys, much less someone as raw as Tannehill (the mere sight of Atlanta's Julio Jones scampering around wide open, seemingly at will, crystallized the receiving talent imbalance on display here)."


"So Philbin must also be graded on a curve this season -- seeing the talent put together by general manager Jeff Ireland. This looks like a rebuilding team in every sense of the word (the secondary is another area of concern and in a pass-first era, Cameron Wake remains the only true pass rusher). And once you get beyond the nominal starters on offense, characters like Julius Pruitt and Marlon Moore are next up on the depth chart, which can't be particularly comforting to the quarterback or head coach."

I have been one of Ireland's harshest critics. I don't deny that. I basically gave him a pass this summer. I stopped bashing him because, even if I didn't believe it and still don't, I was going to give him the benefit of doubt and put most of the blame for this Franchise's lack of success on Parcells.

No more though. This fiasco at WR and TE is all Ireland's doing. To put your future franchise QB on the field with this collection of crap at the skill positions is outrageous. Washington made moves THIS offseason to give RGIII competent targets. Indy made moves THIS offseason to give Luck competent targets. What did Miami do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ireland has set up Tannehill to fail by doing nothing. Hell even Ross in yesterday's telecast made a backhand swipe at the pass catchers.

I haven't been this pissed after a Dolphins game in a long time.

And let us all remember one VERY IMPORTANT thing: Miami and Atlanta were basically in the same shape prior to the '08 season. Miami had the #1 overall draft pick that year, Atlanta the #3 overall pick. There wasn't that much separating those teams. Now, four seasons later, we all got to see the progress Atlanta has made since then and the lack of progress in Miami.

Besides Bess, what skill position player on Miami is better than any skill position player on Atlanta? Even then, Bess is their 3rd or 4th WR.

Atlanta's OL is better than Miami's (even after Miami has spent 3 high picks on the OL in 5 years). Atlanta's QB is better. Atlanta's WR's are better. Atlanta's TE's are better. Atlanta's Defense is better. And why is Atlanta better in every facet of the game? BECAUSE THEIR FO IS BETTER AT GETTING PLAYERS THAN OUR FO IS!!!

If that doesn't piss off Miami fans, I don't know what will.

One final note from last night. The Miami telecast (Stockton, Griese, & Moore) kept complimenting Miami's defense for staying with the "High Powered Atlanta Offense". The telecast repeatedly told Miami fans that Atlanta is one of the best teams in the NFL. It was a kick in the gut to me. Miami and Atlanta were comparable in '07, both really bad and among the worst teams in the NFL. Today, 4 short seasons later, there is no comparison. Atlanta is one of the best teams in the NFL (Miami's own telecast told us so) and Miami is one of the worst.

Are we still blaming Parcells for this mess at WR and TE? I guess so.

PS: I wrote most of this in comments in Kevin's "Three Positive, Three Negatives from Friday Nights Loss" post. I wanted to add some further thoughts so I made it a Fanpost. Thanks for reading twice if that's the case.

Update: Looks like Armando is in agreement with me. I think he may have read this post prior to writing his blog! LOL. From today's "Dolphins In Depth":

And that leads me to this: The Dolphins need to revamp. Rather than having faith in players that haven't earned it, they need to find replacements. They need to do the work that should have been done in the offseason and look elsewhere for receivers.
Read more here:

And this:

I also think the Dolphins should be waiting to see what the Washington Redskins do at tight end because the rumors are the team may be ready to move on from Chris Cooley. (Naysayer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, Cooley gets hurt a lot. But Armando, he's not in his prime anymore.)

Cooley is a better pass-catching tight end than any player on the Miami roster and he could be a major help to a rookie QB that needs a go-to outlet.

The you get this from Omar:,0,4428816.story

Friday night's embarrassing 23-6 loss to the Atlanta Falconsindicates the Dolphins have rolled snake eyes. That game featured numerous drops from the receivers, including starting split endLegedu Naanee. The people in power know they can't afford to give Ryan Tannehill, the team's rookie starting quarterbacks, a slingshot during a gun fight when the regular season rolls around.

And this:

That's why team sources are telling me the Dolphins have gotten more aggressive about upgrading the receiver unit within the past few days.

And finally this:

However, most of what will hit the waiver wire are aged, injured, or limited players. We're talking about disappointing draft picks like Gates, and NFL journeymen like Hogan who have bounced around the league for years.

It is doubtful any of these options will be more than a stopgap, but at this point it appears the Dolphins are getting desperate, and willing to try just about anything but an aged stopgap like Plaxico Burress.

All of this begs the question: Why didn't Miami's GM, Jeff Ireland, do this prior to the start of camp? If Armando can see it, why didn't the freaking GM of the freaking Miami Dolphins see it? I'm pissed off all over again now.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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