SeminoleFinatics 53 man roster

I just like everyone else has been caught up making there 53 man roster. I think I have it finally nailed down however there are still some battles to fight. We finally know the answer to the big question coming into camp and his name is Ryan Tannehill. Here is a look at my 53 man roster (this of course could change after tomorrows game). Any player with an astrik by there name is who I feel could lose that spot.

QB (3) RB (4) FB (1) WR (6) TE (4) OT (3) OG (4) C (2)
Tannehill Bush Lane Naanee Fasano Long Incognito Pouncey
Moore Thomas Bess Clay Martin Hicks Samuda
Devlin * Miller Wallace Mastrud Murtha Garner
Slaton * Hartline Egnew Jerry*
Fuller *

On offense I have 4 players who are figthing for there spot lets take a closer look at those fights.

Slaton - Thigpen... Slaton probably is the better "running back" he fills in seemlessly for reggie bush when needed because they have the same style and he has a very quick first step. Thigpen however is a slash player he's a running back/ slot receiver/ and returner. I could see him if he had a big day returning kicks and caught a few pases out of the slot beating out Slaton for the final RB spot.

Fuller - Hogan/Matthews/Moore- Jeff Fuller Tannehill's right hand man the big receiver who has the NFL frame. Consistency and showing he has sure hands could help him finalize this selection. Hogan/Matthews/Moore are all trailing and each have different attributes about them that make them possible for the 53. Hogan aka 711 and his cult following are clamoring about the guy who well just gets open doesn't have premiere size or speed (hello wes welker comparasions) the guy just gets open. What we do know is sure hands and ability to create separation I expect him to get more looks Friday. Matthews has the ability like Thigpen to be a return guy which if Miller or Thipgen step up and take that roll Matthews could be on the outs made some great catches last week and scored a td but he really need something else to seperate himself. Then you have Marlon Moore "the vet" not sure he falshes enough on special teams and has done enough to not take a chance on Fuller. The regime is about gut instinct and putting this team in best position to win Tannehill and Fuller have chemistry and I think he sticks to give Tannehill a big familier target.

Devlin - Garrard - Keeping this short and sweet Garrard is hurt and Devlin has played well regime rewards Devlin and pockets a couple mil by cutting Garrard.

Jerry - Yeatmen - Again short and sweet converted TE who looks the part in Yeatmen or a guy that has the potential to be a Pro Bowl guard. Jerry has dropped weight and showing this coaching staff he wants this job if he continues doing what he's doing he's a lock and could actually jump to being a starter.

DE (4) DT (4) LB (6) CB (5) S (4) SPT (3)
Odrick Soliai Dansby Smith Clemons DC$
Wake Starks Burnett Marshall Jones Fields
Shelby McDaniel Misi Davis Wilson Denney
Vernon Randall Trusnik Carroll Culver
Spitler Wade*

On Defense its just two battles in my eyes.Does this secondary scare you or what?

Westerman - Guyton - Much like the fins coaching staff i'm going with my gut this guy has proven he can rush the passer and he can put his hand in the dirt or stand up and play linebacker. Westerman is insurance for Shelby and Vernon. Guyton is a true linebacker who hasn't stepped up if he has a few good practices and games and Westerman goes the other way he could take that job back.

Wade - Entire CB chart / Free Agents - OUR CORNERS NEEDS TO STEP UP AND MAKE SOME PLAYS. Geeez if no one seteps up on our team expect team to look elsewhere Wade/Lawrence/Agnew all have a shot at making the team who will show up against atlanta.

There's my 53 like it or hate it you better learn to love it b/c its the best thing goin! WOOOO! sorry...... ugh....

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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